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Which launches XV to challenge Australia?

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Fabian Kaldik and his staff need to innovate to create the opening XV for Test matches in Australia. Not many. In the absence of the top 14 finalists, Charles Oliven, Virmi Wakatawa, Matthew Joliebert, Calfiko and Baptiste Serin are included. Toulouse and La Rochelle were absent from the game against Wallaby. What would the composition created by Fabian Chaldea look like? In the front row, Jean-Baptiste Cross and Temba Pamba hold the rope to the left pillar and right pillar positions. Both of these young players have no experience at this very high international level. The heel on the other hand is more complicated.

It is difficult to know who will line up with Conan Barlow or Anthony Adrilord on July 7. In the second row, let’s start with Baptist Besenti but especially Romain Tofifenua, one of the most closed on the list. In the third row, Anthony Jellonch will obviously start as the captain of this team. By his side, Dylan Credin should be installed. There is still a place to fill.

While watching club shows, Seko McCallo can fully enter this opening XV. Even in the defeat of Charcellos, State explodes the screen with franchise. Cameron Wokie has extensive experience in breeding and internationally. The hinge must have been composed by Baptist Coulot and Louis Carpenell.

On the other hand, behind them, it is even more obscure. Arthur Vincent needs to be rehabilitated, but who will come with him? Jonathan Dandy plays with the state franchise in the first center rather than the second center. Both Danny Willie and Julian Herito have zero choice, so there is a card to play. In the rear triangle, we should have no surprises. Teddy Thomas, Damien Bennett and Anthony Poutier make their debut on July 7th.