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Daily Eurovision Class Council: # 4 United Kingdom

Daily Eurovision Class Council: # 4 United Kingdom

Will 2022 be the UK’s renewed year?

Everything makes it believable when you mention the reception received by the “astronaut” in the title of Sam Ryder.

Find ratings and comments assigned by our authors:

Pascal: 8.5

The BBC has finally woken up! With Sam Ryder, why are the top 10 spots so possible? Because the translator is talented and charismatic, the title is not “beige” and retreats unlike previous anonymous attempts by Michael Rice or James Newman.

Box: 8.5

Space Man “is very real and memorable, I really like Sam Ryder’s universe, I do not think I like this song, but I really like it. It’s a commercially successful title with good publicity.

Juliet: 9

The United Kingdom has come here with a solid and measured plan, a quality that is truly unexpected from the country. To explain the spatial theme of the title, pop pop, floating accents … the mix works well. Juliet of 2018 loved these kinds of titles, and was awakened by the “astronaut”. Another key asset of the track is Sam Ryder’s crystal and scratch voice, which adds a hint of charm to the whole. Some people worry about what he will do live; For hearing that, I was not worried. All. The United Kingdom has all the cards in hand for a better result.

Remy: 7.5

Finally the title of the competition for the kingdom of Her Majesty! “Space Man” is a pop title by the standards of the moment, especially the rich British music scenes that had until then been ignored by the BBC. If Sam’s voice sounds unpleasant at first glance to some ears and it is necessary to focus live on the highlights that cover the title, I fully support the British selection for the 2022 tournament.

Mary: 6

The United Kingdom is famous for its particular comedy and Sam Ryder shows its model. The song itself is so awesome, but slightly over when the singer sings, it bores me but his voice impresses in the treble. We hope this song will lift the UK from the depths of the rankings.

Audrey: 7

Boui இரண்டு Two things on this note: Satisfaction with the United Kingdom seems a little lower for Eurovision than usual, and less inattentive for Eurovision. Ten years late, we come back to a time when English pop was once a small page.
Then, for unknown reasons, I have a problem with the singer. His appearance, his voice, something did not speak to me. But Space Man is well-developed, radio-friendly and workable. Like Germany, it could be in the top 10 or fail in the bottom 5 … watch live.

Chris: 7

The United Kingdom serves Power Ball with Anglo-Saxon Sauce. The package is standard. However, I am a little divided. Sam Ryder is a great actor. He sometimes reminds me of Freddie Mercury in phonetics. Space Man is a good song. However, I do not see anything unusual here. If I go to the bottom of the background, the verses make me think a bit about the melody of a light that shines with love before hitting the chorus. Bookies seem to like it. Will the country return? He deserves his effort!

Maximum: 8.5

I have a kind of love-hate relationship with this song … the verses are excellent, the voice is original and no one is ignored. The chorus, on the other hand, is a little unbearable to me with seemingly solid, noisy “man” limits. There is something I like and hate about this chorus. But I really like this song every time I listen to it. Objectively, “Space Man” is a quality episode, and it’s nice to see a program like this from the BBC. And Sam Ryder is a monster, he actually handles it with his voice.

Lotte: 8

Then maybe? Maybe England will finally wake up? Nice title, beautiful voice, sounds like Sam is starring live. Honestly, the “space man” is number one! We hope so, friends across the channel!

Zippo: 5

I will start with the most negative point: it’s a shame because the singer’s voice hurt my ears so much and the whole song is flawless. A melody that is completely in line with the theme of the song: Sometimes, I imagine “this man in space”. And precisely, this theme has always made me dream: space, stars, planets. I know the planes in the song are somewhat necessary, but alas, over-mentioning was forbidden.

That means a total of 75 points and the best average is 7.50 / 10

Brooke is mostly outdated, with Sam Ryder the new leader.

Temporary classification:

  1. 1. United Kingdom: 7.50
  2. 2. Ireland: 6.70
  3. 3. Finland: 6.65
  4. 4. Montenegro: 6.45

This Sunday, the channel and “Slomo” will be evaluated. See you tomorrow!

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