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What voters in Pennsylvania say about Biden's age

What voters in Pennsylvania say about Biden's age

Located in the suburbs of Philadelphia, Bucks County is another one of the places where presidential elections are won or lost. Not only is it located in a key state – Pennsylvania – but its polls often serve as a barometer. It also happens that a special election was held there Tuesday to fill the seat vacated by a Democrat in the state House of Representatives. Democrats retained this seat. But voters' message about Joe Biden's age is perhaps the most important or interesting aspect of this rally, if we want to trust someone. Reports preparation From CBS News.

A journalist from this channel questioned Democratic voters (and at least one Republican) as they left the polls about the issue that is making headlines these days. “Most people who spoke to CBS News dismissed concerns about the president's age, which were highlighted by the secret documents report prepared by special prosecutor Robert Hoare,” says journalist Aaron Navarro.

Here are some of the comments he collected:

“Trump isn't young either. it's not. I don't really think age has anything to do with it. It's about how you treat people. »

“He's three years older than Trump. And look at the number of Trump's gaffes. He doesn't know who was in charge of the Capitol and when [le 6 janvier] As it happened, he didn't know who was competing with him. »

” [Trump] He said what he was going to do. Dictator from day one, mass expulsions, closed borders, exploitation of the judicial system. Assuming the fastball [Biden] He lost his speed, it's entirely possible, but ultimately I don't see how that affected political decisions. »

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“It's not something I really think about. […] But they are the same age, I don't think that's a problem. »

The same approach can lead to different responses elsewhere. But one thing is certain: opinion polls are not the only measure of reality. They can sometimes distort it.

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