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What vaccines are accepted?

What vaccines are accepted?

With the reopening date of the United States now known, professionals and travelers are still waiting for details on the health practices that will be asked. Update what we know.

What procedures do travelers have to complete to travel to the United States? The technical and practical details of the deregulation are not yet known, but in recent days Washington has already drawn up the definitions. U.S. health officials have indicated that all vaccines approved by the World Health Organization will be accepted. For now, according to the emergency procedure put in place by the WHO, the vaccines are AstraZeneca, Johnson & Johnson, Moderna, Pfizer / BioNTech, Sinopharm and Sinovac.

For passengers arriving by air, The United States will ask for an additional test within three days of vaccination certification and departure, starting November 8, established by the airlines of the Communication Tracking System, AFP notes.

Two-step process for land acquisition

The United States has never enforced the vaccine duty on domestic flights, which is very strict in closing borders. Even the Biden administration, which recently resigned to take some binding measures, was unaware of the politically hot matter.

To the mainland, The White House announced this week that the deregulation would be done in two stages. From November 8, people arriving for non-essential reasons, for example family or tourists, who have been able to cross the border into Canada or Mexico, will be vaccinated. People who come for compelling reasons – truck drivers for example – will be exempted. But from January, the vaccination duty will be sufficient for all visitors across land borders, regardless of the reason for their entry.

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