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The United States wants to provide compensation to the families of victims of wrongdoing in Kabul

The United States wants to provide compensation to the families of victims of wrongdoing in Kabul

After apologizing “Not enough”The United States has offered to provide financial compensation to the relatives of slain Afghan civilians “Wrong” During the US drone strike in Kabul in late August, Pentagon spokesman John Kirby announced Friday (October 15).

The latter was provided during an online meeting between NGO leader Steven Kwon, who hired Esmarai Ahmadi, one of the victims, and Colin Call, deputy secretary of defense policy. “Financial Compensation” To the families, Kirby said in a statement. This amount of compensation is not specified. The US official also offered to help “Ahmadi family members want to immigrate to the United States”.

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Colin pointed to the foot The strike is a tragic mistake, and Esmera Ahmadi and those killed are innocent, they have nothing to be ashamed of and are not affiliated with ISIS in Khorasan. [EI-K] Or threats to US forces.

“A sad mistake”

On August 29, the United States destroyed a white Toyota Corolla “Filled with explosives” A few days after the group’s attack that killed thirteen U.S. soldiers and 100 Afghans near Kabul airport, ISIS claimed to have thwarted the attack.

According to General McKenzie, who led US troops from Afghanistan before returning home, a similar car was parked in the morning near a building believed to be IS-K Lawyer.

The next day, the family of Esmarai Ahmadi, the driver of the vehicle, reported that he was working for a voluntary charity and that up to seven children and ten people had been killed. A thorough investigation New York Times, Relying on surveillance camera footage and interviews, also challenged the Army version.

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On September 17, the military agreed to a strike “A sad mistake”. Contrary to his initial claims, The “Explosives” According to the investigation, there may be only harmless water cans and the driver of the vehicle, the quiet father, is not a jihadist.

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US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin gave his opinion “Deep condolences” And his “Excuses” For this burr. Apologies “Not enough” By relatives of Afghan civilians killed in the strike.

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