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Queen Rock Montreal review: Freddie Mercury and Queen impress

Queen Rock Montreal review: Freddie Mercury and Queen impress

The Queen's legendary concert in Montreal, which was presented in cinemas in IMAX format last January, has made a resounding arrival on Disney+.

Legendary, because Freddie Mercury, Brian May, Roger Taylor, and John Deacon performed at the Forum Theater on two consecutive evenings, on November 24 and 25, 1981. Queen wanted to capitalize on their stage performances to film them, a mandate given to director Saul Swimmer, also a co-producer of the film Documentary Let it be From the Beatles. The story goes that Freddie Mercury was convinced after Saul Swimmer took him to the Smithsonian Museum and pointed to the giant IMAX screen.

Brian May (intro), Freddie Mercury and Roger Taylor in “Queen Rock Montreal”.

Photo courtesy of Queen Productions

History of IMAX

Because one of the two versions available on Disney+ is the first one IMAX Enhanced, this means improving IMAX technology, a technology that is now available for a certain number of TV models from well-known brands. Sound and image Queen Rock Montreal It's been remastered, so everything is impressively sharp and clear, even if we can see (from the audience's clothing or hairstyles) that the recording dates back more than 40 years.

With nearly ten cameras ensuring that Freddie Mercury's every move is captured, Queen Rock Montreal Moves. The singer is in good shape singing We are the championsUpon entering the Old Forum Theater. Then the group's successes continue, Someone you love, the Killer Queen… until under pressurethen at the top of the charts.

A tremendous showman, Mercury goes there bohemian rhapsody -Which still gives you chills- Someone else bites the dust, a crazy little thing called love As well as resume Jailhouse Rock. It's impossible not to be excited!

At that time, Manon Gilbert V Newspaper“At stage level, the Queen throws fire and dazzles. Her voice pushes without distortion. The Queen knew how to put on a lavish show. And Queen Rock Montreal We are allowed to immerse ourselves in this ceremony, the only one ever filmed by Quinn.


Freddie Mercury and Brian May in Queen Rock Montreal.

Photo courtesy of Queen Productions

note: Queen Rock Montreal It is one of the titles offered by Disney+ in IMAX Enhancedwith many Marvel titles now also available in this new format.

Rating: 4 out of 5

Queen Rock Montreal It has been available on Disney+ since May 15.