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Bosses!  : Confrontation |  Insult to the Bretons!

Bosses! : Confrontation | Insult to the Bretons!

Just as Pasquale Vari replaced a pile of written papers, I was chosen. No need to review or compile my notes (sauce too runny, meat roughly cut, unnecessary screaming in the kitchen).

And it's as hot as a salamander in the buckwheat pancakes stuffed with asparagus challenge.

Before we continue, a pro tip to keep Bretonians and Jean-Luc Boulay from fainting or swallowing the wrong bite: We cook our tarts with butter, not olive oil, thank you.

Back in the kitchen, two contestants stand out from the pack in the race for reality TV's Cordon Bleu Bosses! : confrontationThey are Luca Cianciulli, co-owner of Moccione, in Montreal's Villeray district, and Anthony Vian, sous chef at La Tanière restaurant in Quebec.

With his messy hair and friendly nonchalance, Luca Ciancioli, 33, is discovered in his second year of… Heads!It remains one of my favourites.

More relaxed than Luca, she almost destroys your fresh pasta in the one challenge of the season that no Italian chef has the right to miss. Under penalty of a lifetime ban from Milano Grocery Store and Café Olimpico.

Anthony Finn, 27, is a participant in Season 11 (we're on 13H), it doesn't crash very often either. Like Luca, he has not yet been sent to fight this spring. It's quick, thoughtful and inspiring. Anthony, a veteran of Jean-Luc Boulay in Saint-Amour, created one of the most beautiful Rubik's cube-shaped cakes.

I think the careful design of Guillaume Couture, a teacher at the École hôtelière de la Capitale, is interesting in the wake of Luca and Antoni. He has many impressive victories, including one in his first ring with the Wellington bison. Guillaume, 31, has already worked in the kitchens of Luca Cianciulli's company Moccione, as well as those of Toqué! By Judge Normand Laprise. Luca is also trained at Toqué! And all these lovely people have actually fraternized around a rolling mill, it's as clear as diluted Mornay sauce.

Photo by Marc-Andre Lapierre

Anthony Vian and Susie Rainville

After a quiet start, Sébastien Laframboise, 36, executive chef at the National Assembly, regularly adds bonuses to his hat, including his triumph in the final episode thanks to a butternut squash and rack of veal cooked in “dead dough”. We learn techniques in all episodes Heads!It's as fun and exhausting as it is educational.

Unfortunately for Susie Rainville, 33, chef and co-owner of Baumann's restaurant in Sherbrooke, she has been struggling for four weeks and has fought twice. It would be surprising to see her outperform more established rivals like Luca, Anthony or Guillaume.

It's not a prosperous and festive year for chefs. Ashley Thornton, 35, was eliminated early and Brenda Poirier, 31, was eliminated three weeks later. Only Susie remains in the competition. But for how long?

Formula Heads! In the showdown, which brings back — or ramen, LOL — the nominees from the previous 12 seasons (plus rookie Colin Strohbach), it clearly raised the bar for the tests. Duels had never been so painful and cruel, especially one between four people after a Mother's Day brunch.

That pressure alienated Sidney Gordon, 34, who hung up his own apron on Monday evening, citing in particular the “very tough” competition. This is the first time a contestant has quit on their own in 13 seasons. Sidney has defended his spot in the duel three times, and we agree it's unnerving.

In the third episode, Jean-Simon Petit, 38, master butcher at Ferme des Quatre-Temps, also left. Bosses!But for medical reasons. He was suffering from osteoporosis, which prevented him from using his right hand.

Photo by Marc-Andre Lapierre, courtesy of Radio-Canada

Sidney Gordon

Another first of the season Heads! : A collision in the workshop costs a chef his place, five minutes before the end of the French gastronomy challenge. In a flash, Brenda grabbed Sebastian's plate and drenched the entire Marie Crème Brûlée bath water. Like Grebitch sauce, which “splits,” no one would wish that on his worst enemy.

popularity Heads! on Radio-Canada clearly inspires couples facing difficulties If we still love each other At TVA, which is one of my great TV interests. We treated ourselves to Guillaume “Legendre” pasta, says his friend Cathy. We were treated to the drama of Italian seasoning and oregano for Madeleine and Michele's moussaka, the best.

We treated Kevin's chicken to the crispy ends that Stephanie loves. Then, on Tuesday evening, Gino and Christelle did their dream cooking activity, “barbecue donuts,” which restored my faith in humanity.

What exactly is this thing? It is a small circular boat with a hibachi sitting in the middle. The combination of boating and barbecue is, frankly, as exciting as the perfect alignment of the head-heart-body axis. Long live the captain's dinner!

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