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Australia, a road trip paradise

Australia, a road trip paradise

Discovering the Northern Territory

Located in the heart of Australia, the Northern Territory is home to spectacular scenery and unique wildlife. there Nature's way, a five-day scenic tour that takes you to explore the UNESCO World Heritage-listed Litchfield and Kakadu National Parks. There you can admire spectacular waterfalls, crystal clear waters and thousand-year-old tribal rock paintings. The ideal itinerary consists of three sections: first the wetlands around Darwin, then two days in Kataku and finally a final day in the tropical bush of Litchfield.

Arnhem Land, Northern Territory © Tourism Australia

Want help creating your itinerary? A go Five-day cycle through Kakadu and Litchfield – Tourism Australia!

Victoria's best southern tourist route

Victoria in southeastern Australia offers a variety of landscapes, from wild beaches to rugged mountains, and a rich insight into Aboriginal history. there Great southern tourist route, a 6-day road trip that will introduce you to the highlights of the region. The amazing Great Ocean Road, the Grampians National Park with its reckless surfers and koalas, kangaroos and beautiful treks await you with its grand mountain landscape, vineyards where Shiraz (the local variety of Syrah) and Chardonnay are kings. Exceptional levels of this road trip. You can do a loop from Melbourne to Melbourne, stopping for two to three hours daily, enjoying your stops along the way.

12 Apostles, Great Ocean Road
12 Apostles, Great Ocean Road © Tourism Australia

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Adventure awaits on Western Australia's Coral Coast Highway

there Coral Coast Highway, a nearly 10-day road trip, covering over 12,000 km, takes you along the west coast of the country. There you will find unique rock formations such as white sandy beaches, the Pinnacles in Nampung National Park or the Natural Window in Kalbarri National Park and exceptional marine wildlife. Diving in the turquoise waters of Ningaloo Reef, one of the world's most beautiful coral reefs, you'll have the chance to swim with whale sharks, manta rays, turtles and, for the lucky ones, even whales!

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Nampung National Park, Coral Coast
Nampung National Park, Coral Coast © Tourism Australia

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A checklist for a successful road trip in Australia

Grampians Peaks Trail © Tourism Australia
Grampians Peaks Trail © Tourism Australia

Plan your itinerary based on your interests and the time you have available. Australia is a big country, so it is important to choose in advance which places you want to visit.

The best season to visit Australia depends on the region you want to visit. Generally, the climate is mild throughout the year in the north of the country, while the south is cold in winter.

  • Rent a campervan or car. It's a very flexible and cost-effective way to travel around Australia.
  • Camping in campgrounds or RV parks. They are very abundant all over the country.
  • Allow time to enjoy outdoor activities. Hiking, swimming, surfing, scuba diving… there are a thousand and one ways to enjoy the Australian outdoors.
  • Meet the locals. Australians are known for their warm welcome. Don't hesitate to ask them for advice on your visits and activities.
  • Adjust your pace according to your mood. Australia is a big country, don't rush! Take time to savor every moment and enjoy the landscapes around you.
  • Respect the environment. Australia is a fragile country and it is important to protect it. Leave the places you find and leave no trace of your path.

Australia is a fascinating country that has a lot to offer the adventure-seeking traveller. A road trip is the perfect way to discover its spectacular landscapes, unique culture and exceptional wildlife. Don't wait any longer to explore Australia! Ready to plan your Australian road trip? meeting For more information follow this link

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Main image: Denham, Shark Bay © Tourism Australia