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A young widower looking for a surrogate mother

A young widower looking for a surrogate mother

A 41-year-old widower who dreams of having a child from his wife, who died of cancer two years ago, is searching for a charitable soul who accepts the pregnancy of her fetus.

“I dream of going to the park with our child. I dream of a quiet little life with my wife’s child,” thinks David Martel, who now lives alone.

The Granby resident has nothing but kind words about the love of his life Christine Morin, whom he lost on October 13, 2018, when she was only 32 years old.

Christine Morin died of acute lymphocytic leukemia after a six-year battle marked by recurrence. She will have experienced 12 years of happiness with the one she met at Granby Hospital, where they both worked.

“When I saw her, I went crazy. She was amazing. We had to put the idea of ​​having a baby on ice when I got sick. But I found the right person, and it didn’t bother me,” says the man describing their story as “lost history.”

Lovers had already been fondling the idea of ​​having children for ten years, but a trip to Australia had them put off the project. Kristen was later diagnosed for the first time in 2012.

That same year, knowing that one of her multiple treatments would make her sterile, fortunately, the young woman and her husband took care to freeze eight embryos in the fertility clinic.

However, the expectation of reproductive capacity affected the couple.

“But Christine was always positive. She even wrote in her will that she encouraged me to have our baby after her death if I wanted to,” says Mr. Martel, who also has the support of his family.

“So it was always stuck in my head. I think about it every day. My wife was an inspiration. She was biting in life. I didn’t see anyone who liked staying alive so much. Her fear was to be forgotten when she dies.”

So, last Sunday, the young widower, who had taken the time to get back on his feet, took his courage in both hands by posting on Facebook that he was looking for a “rare pearl”, a surrogate mother, in order to realize the project that he was caressing with his sweetheart, which in spite of everything did not Done with her.

I asked myself a lot of questions. A good moral battle was fought. This is a very dangerous topic, he said, the issue of surrogate mothers. I’ve spoken to several feminists because I felt bad for asking this. They reassured me. Every woman decides for herself. “

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Mr Martel was not very fond of social media, and said he was surprised at how much it was posted, as it was shared more than 1,300 times. She has already received requests.

“It surprises me a lot! The world started calling me. I wasn’t expecting anything. But if someone with a heart as big as the universe appears …” he hopes.

“You should click. Every decision I make is according to the child. I will definitely have a child for my wife. I want to tell him a great story. He concludes that a child is the most beautiful thing in life.”