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“We are in the run-up period, so instability will happen.”

“We are in the run-up period, so instability will happen.”

SAAQ created a new online platform to allow users to conduct a variety of transactions from the comfort of their homes, but once the Société de l’assurance automobile du Québec (SAAQ) resumed online services on Monday, the state-owned company had several technical loopholes.

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On the second day of launching the platform, Dave Leclerc, Vice President of Marketing Strategies, assured us that everything was fine, but the platform still had some difficulties.

“We’ve had a lot of instability today,” Mr. Leclerc admits. “We had to do a quick update, so some services were cut.”

For this reason, Mr. Leclerc explained, services have been maintained at the various service points to allow customers to complete their transactions.

Image provided by SAAQ.

“We are in the operational period, so the instability will happen, and it will certainly happen over the next few days, and we apologize to the customers,” explains Mr. Leclerc. “However, we should encourage customers not to come if it is not urgent, and we will only process urgent orders.”

From the first minutes of the new website going online on Monday, a SAAQ spokesperson confirmed to the magazine that we were experiencing “small technical problems”.

“If you have potential transactions to make on the web, use SAAQclic,” Mr. Leclerc recalls. “The people we currently serve, we serve by prioritizing those whose expiration dates must be completed quickly, eg driver’s license with photos.”

SAAQ has 43 points of service and 96 agents, Mr. Leclerc recalls. According to him, it is normal for large positions to have longer lead times.

“At other points of service, the wait time was less than an hour if people showed up at the site,” notes Mr Leclerc. “The number of clients there is also not equal, so in some places it went well and in others it was more difficult.”