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She has been trying for 20 years to move an electric pole blocking her entrance

A resident of Mirabel has been trying for 20 years to move a power pole that ends up in the middle of her driveway.

Michelle Turcotte bought her house in Chemin Saint-Nicolas in 2001 on the border of Mirabel and Saint-Colomban.

But the previous owner assured him that a simple call to Hydro-Quebec would be enough to transfer that post.

Twenty years later, after dealing with the government corporation, Bell, Mirabel, and Saint-Colomban, the Pole is still in the same place.

In 2004, Bell Canada estimated the labor cost $3,155.40 to move the shaft four meters.

When surprised by the amount of the bill, the couple tried to pass it on to town, but to no avail.

In 2011, the city of Saint-Colombin had nevertheless gone on strike in Chemin Saint-Nicolas and had to move several poles, according to the owner.

She also gave her permission by notarized contract to carry to her land anyone who found himself in her lane.

However, the city would have preferred to secure it and leave it in the same place.

The residence of Mrs. Turcotte and the electricity magnate is located in the grounds of the city of Mirabel.

In 2022, Ms. Turcotte and her husband reach an agreement with the city of Mirabel to give Bell Canada and Hydro-Québec the right to fly these two companies’ air equipment.

Seven months later, he still hasn’t started working.

TVA Nouvelles is waiting for a return call from the city of Mirabel.