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Job interviews or salesperson complex

Whoever said job hunting says job interview is inevitable, and this is no mystery, it postpones more than one! Many candidates in the selection process will be happy to skip this step. The notion received that it is necessary to be a good salesperson to perform at the interview does not contribute to the prediction of this mandatory passage in a good light. What is it really?

This painful moment triggered the same reaction in many: “I’m not good at selling myself: I’m not going to do well in my interview.” The popular belief that a job interview is about convincing an employer of your value and wrapping your skills and qualities in pretty wrapping paper for Get the job.

For some, the interview is absorbed in the questioning and the recruiter seeking to find fault with the candidate. So it’s hard to get excited about the idea of ​​being in the hot seat and carrying the burden of proving one’s skills.

Deconstructing certain perceptions

Fortunately, job interviews are changing. Nowadays, recruiters deal with them more under the guise of exchanges. This step will be an opportunity to validate the information on both sides. The candidate also has the right to ensure that the job and the environment correspond to his expectations.

Nowadays, many employers, without trying to trap anyone, want to be assured regarding the professional profile of the candidate according to the needs of the job. Thus, this change of attitude during the interview also allows the candidate to determine whether the job is suitable for him.

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Having abilities and showing them are two separate things. In general, the more we master a skill, the less we become aware of it. Achieving an eloquent display of skill requires more effort. For example, if a candidate is used to providing impeccable customer service, he will have normalized his competence and lost sight of all the steps taken to get there. Therefore, it is difficult to be proud of it or to present it as an important asset.

Difficulty talking about yourself or lacking confidence in your own skills

Even without selling yourself, the fact remains that the interview exercise requires showing your skills and enthusiasm to get the job. The feeling of discomfort stems from two main reasons.

On the other hand, it can refer to difficulty speaking of oneself simply out of humility, humility, or humility, a tendency to diminish one’s abilities afterwards. For fear of exaggerating their abilities, some underestimate their achievements and skills.

On the other hand, a lack of confidence in one’s own skills can make the exercise more difficult. The interview puts the candidate in a vulnerable position, which can highlight weaknesses or even increase the sense of deception.. Various reasons can explain this. The lack of confidence may be caused by low self-esteem or it may have arisen during occupational experiences that are perceived as negative or harmful..

your preparation

It is important that you have the required level of confidence before applying or showing up for a job interview. Reviewing positive annual reviews, asking for feedback from trusted colleagues, or seeking the help of a career development professional to target key elements of your professional profile are examples of actions you can take to restore your confidence.

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No matter your speaking skills, preparation will help your communication be clear and allow you to work through interview jitters. The more prepared you are, the more your achievements and skills will be displayed in proportion to your true capabilities. In particular, you might consider more concrete examples of skills related to the job for which you are applying.

Also, practice before the interview or, for the more introverted, detail your ideas in writing to add vocabulary and make sure humility doesn’t undermine your potential. In this way, you will be more confident and above all you will understand why the job matches your profile. Also, the words used will be less important: your message will be more visible.

Keep in mind that many factors are beyond your control during the job search period. Focus on the areas you can act on. Be forgiving, interviews are a bit like pancakes: the first interviews may not be as good as the following ones. By warming up, we rest!