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Vaccine Proof: Quebec will grant privileges to vaccination

Vaccine Proof: Quebec will grant privileges to vaccination

To encourage Quebecers to pick up two doses, Quebec will provide some non-essential services only to fully vaccinated people, should contamination increase in the fall.

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This was stated by Minister of Health Christian Duby, Monday, on the sidelines of a press conference at the Santa Cabrini Hospital in Montreal.

“We won’t be able, if at any point everything goes well and there is a significant increase in cases in September, we will not be able to reclassify people, what we have just seen for 15-16 months,” he first noted.

The minister added that some non-essential services “should be available to those who took two doses.”

So Christian Dube hopes to convince the hesitant and resistant to vaccination, in the context where in Quebec there are more than two million doses of the vaccine, enough to give it to everyone.

“You have to be able to explain to them and tell them, they still have two months to vaccinate,” he explained.

More details on this will be provided during another press conference scheduled for Thursday.

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