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Australia: A 'Hunger Games' worthy vaccination, says local official

Australia: A ‘Hunger Games’ worthy vaccination, says local official

Sydney | A senior Australian official on Monday compared the vaccination process to an obstacle course worthy of the miserable ‘Hunger Games’ trilogy, which has been adapted for cinema, as the country faces a rise in coronavirus cases and dose shortages.

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This has led to a wave of panic among a portion of the population who are eager to get immunized as soon as possible, said Brad Hazzard, Health Minister for New South Wales, Australia’s most populous state.

«Les gens courent après les vaccins, cela fait un presque penser à l’univers de Hunger Games», at-il dit pour décrire ces Australiens se ruant sur les centers de vaccination ou les appelant désespérément au pourez-téirlé un.

In the sci-fi world of “The Hunger Games,” a group of young people are drawn every year to participate in a televised event where they have to kill each other.

Only 7% of 25 million Australians received two doses of the vaccine, one of the lowest proportions of any developed country.

The Conservative government has relied heavily on the AstraZeneca vaccine and on an Australian vaccine that has not yet passed the testing phase.

Many Australians have avoided AstraZeneca, which is now only recommended for those over 60, and are looking at all costs for the Pfizer vaccine.

But supply is limited by low global stocks and delayed orders from authorities.

There is strong pressure on Prime Minister Scott Morrison to succeed in accelerating the vaccination process, with more than 300 cases identified in Sydney, a city currently under lockdown.

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In total, Australia has recorded 30,000 infections since the start of the pandemic. Containment was decided in many large cities due to the resurgence of the epidemic.

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