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How do you make $100 or more grow?

How do you make $100 or more grow?

If you have existing savings in your bank accounts or at checkout, here is the current solution to help your eggs grow without taking the slightest risk.

This involves transferring your savings to purchase new savings bonds offered by Épargne Placement Québec, the financial arm of Eric Girard's Ministry of Finance.

For sale including up to 1any Next June, the new style of savings bond will earn you 4.75% during the first year.

Thereafter, as is the case for all issues of savings bonds in circulation, the annual yield will be adjusted according to the yield offered during the new issue of the following year. Each new issue has a term of 10 years.


Why is this 4.75% yield interesting? Because in the category of investments that are safe, cashable at any time and that offer their holders a return of up to 4.75% as Épargne Placement Québec does, it simply does not exist anywhere else.

People will say to me, “Yes, but I can make a slightly higher return over one year.” I have no doubt about it…but this is the case with a GIC (Guaranteed Investment Certificate) which has a fixed term of one year, and is not cashable before the maturity date.

Major banking institutions are currently offering a yield of 4.95% on one-year GICs. Small financial institutions offer just over 5%, such as Laurentian Bank (5.08%), B2B Bank (5.08%), CDN Bank (5.09%), ICICI Bank (5.08%), 13%), and Vancity Credit Union (5.15%) ).

But I repeat, these are one-year investments, and they cannot be cashed out prematurely.

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When we talk about savings bonds, we are talking about an investment that can be redeemed at any time before the maturity date.


Moreover, Épargne Placement Québec (ÉPQ) is very generous with its new issuance of savings bonds, with the yield on the latter (4.75% over one year) exceeding the yield offered on its progressive and fixed-rate bonds. During the first year of these two classes of bonds, ÉPQ offers 4.60% interest, or 15/100H A percentage point lower.

You'll tell me it's not a big gap. Good. But it shows that the Quebec government “really” wants to offer Quebecers perpetual savings bonds, with a slight increase in yield.

By the way, I remind you that ÉPQ issues, year after year, two new issues of savings bonds annually, namely 1any June and 1any November.

Important Bracket: Previous broadcast of 1any November 2023 will continue to offer a yield of 5% until October 31, while other issues of savings bonds in circulation will be subject to a yield adjustment to 4.75% as of October 1.any Next June.

The minimum investment required to purchase savings bonds is $100.

Maximum amount? Notice to Quebec billionaires: no cap!