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On strike to leave MDA Space of the Moon

On strike to leave MDA Space of the Moon

The 160 workers at MDA Espace went on strike last night to settle the negotiations. At a general meeting on May 8, union members rejected the employer's offer by 98% and executed a strike mandate to force recognition of their efforts.

The strike will continue until May 12 at the company, which specializes in robotics and space operations, and will have a disruptive impact on production. In recent days, the union has clearly indicated that significant progress is needed to avoid a strike. Despite some interesting recent gains, workers considered the employer's offer insufficient. This is especially true on the salaries front, while inflation remains a major concern.

Remember, the union has adopted a 99% strike sequence mandate, which could amount to an indefinite general strike, in the last few weeks.

“Our pressure is pushing the negotiations forward. But it is not enough to reach a settlement. That's why we went to see the members who told us that a strike was the way we could break the deadlock in the negotiations. It seems that the employer did not take us seriously. “Now is the time for him to come out of the moon and sit down with us to agree on a good collective agreement,” says Michel Mercier, president of the MDA Espace-CSN trade union.

“With the agreements currently being negotiated in the sector, MDA Espace must do more and improve its offer at the negotiating table. Business is going very well for the company,” adds Louis Begin, President of the Confederation of Manufacturing Industries (FIM-CSN). “I find it difficult to explain their position at the moment.”

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“MDA Espace workers are on strike for their respect!” “They are showing the strength of their solidarity so that the employer finally understands that it is time to do more to settle the negotiations,” continues Chantal Ede, Vice-President of the Central Council of Metropolitan Montreal (CCMM – CSN).

“These negotiations are taking a long time to resolve and the workers have done everything they can to ensure that the employer gets serious offers. Inflation is hitting workers hard, and better wage increases are needed to avoid poverty. There is no reason why MDA Espace cannot refuse to respond to its employees’ requests.” If they are in such a good economic situation, it is thanks to their daily work,” concludes François Ainault, First Vice President of CSN.