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Sharing the Way: Coexistence is not always easy

Sharing the Way: Coexistence is not always easy

Bicycles, electric scooters, mopeds, motorists … coexistence on our roads in Montreal is becoming more and more complex, now that the city’s various modes of transportation have circulated.

According to the SAAQ, both cyclists and scooter riders, a bicycle path should be preferred. Although the procedure is clear, there is still a lot of confusion that leads to accidents.

The 2022 statistics from the Société de l’assurance automobile du Québec show that sharing the road is no easy feat.

Nine cyclists died on the roads in Quebec including a car, 79 pedestrians, 61 motorcyclists, five victims in a moped and 216 passengers in a car, a staggering toll that proves the importance of vigilance.

VAT news

Montrealers told our journalist that respect is essential on the roads.

Scooters take to the streets in Hochelaga

A competition will be held at Place Simon-Vallois, in Mercier-Hochelaga-Maisonneuve, on Saturday afternoon.

The “Course des glorieux” at 1pm is a competition where scooters cruise the streets of Montreal. Points for speed, agility and ‘appearance’ will be scored to determine the overall winner.

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