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The second hit in a few months for RTC?

The second hit in a few months for RTC?

A second strike in three months is looming at the capital’s RTC network if inspectors and dispatchers do not reach an agreement with their employer, but buses will continue to run.

Members of the RTC inspectors and dispatchers union voted Sunday in favor of pressure tactics that could amount to a strike.

According to the carrier, this is “a normal procedure in the negotiation process,” RTC announced Monday in a press release to “reassure” its customers.

We confirmed in a press statement that “the Capital Transport Network (RTC) continues negotiations with the Syndicate of Inspectors and Dispatchers in an open and cooperative manner.”

There is no interruption in service, says RTC

Unlike the drivers’ strike, which occurred in July, in the middle of the Quebec Summer Festival, the service will remain available to users.

“In the event of a strike eventually occurring, RTC does not anticipate any interruption in service and will make every effort to minimize the impact on customers.”

Quebec Mayor Bruno Marchand noted that the negotiations are not “on the same scale” as those that took place with drivers this summer. “At the moment, things are going well. We will see what the outcome of the ongoing negotiations and discussions is. We hope that the negotiations will end quickly and to the satisfaction of both parties.”

Salary conditions

Dispatchers and inspectors have been without an employment contract since December 31, 2022 and want to receive the same salary conditions as their fellow drivers. “Despite the settlement reached on July 5 with the drivers, the RTC refuses to offer inspectors and dispatchers the same salary conditions afforded to drivers,” the union wrote in a press release.

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“Our members expect there to be fairness between groups and they reacted strongly when the RTC offered them lower terms,” declared Eric Poirier, president of the union.

The Union confirms that members are ready to activate pressure tactics in the coming days that could affect the activities of the Regional Training Center.

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