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Radio-Canada firing: 'We scared the world,' union says

Radio-Canada firing: 'We scared the world,' union says

The announcement of 600 job cuts and 200 vacancies at Radio-Canada last December was considered “hasty” in the eyes of the head of the Canadian Broadcasting Trades Union (STTRC-CSN).

Although approximately 346 people have lost their jobs at Radio-Canada since the announcement, this is a much lower number than initially indicated.

“It was a hasty process, it was an improvised process, we frightened the world, in an unjustified and inappropriate way, and these are the people who keep telling us how bad they are and that they are very good managers,” Pierre Tousignant said in an interview with QUB. Thursday.

The latter says he does not understand why accountability was not done and why management was not more transparent, especially with regard to financial statements and executive bonuses.

He explained: “We mixed in the financial statements both the bonuses that are paid to management employees and both the bonuses that are paid to the company’s employees, and that is why we reached $16 million.”

As for the potential merger between Radio-Canada and the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, it would involve more than just sharing equipment.

He added: “What we are talking about is merging the directorates, and this is abhorrent. MI “Tate is not the first to address this matter as our previous CEO did so, among other things, with Ontario Engineering Services,” Mr. Tousignant emphasized.

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