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Ubisoft se lance dans le monde de la blockchain et des NFTs avec Quartz

Ubisoft launches the world of blockchain and NFTs with Quartz

Ubisoft reaches the blockchain world

Ubisoft officially announced The launch of the .. the launch of the .. the take off of the Trial version of Quartz A new platform that connects the world of blockchain with traditional video games.

Through it, players will be able to purchase numbers », i.e. game items (clothes, vehicles, weapons, etc.) in the form of Uncut tokens (NFT). These are the first NFTs that can be played in a major game, as they will be compatible with Ubisoft games.

Quartz will be available in beta version From December 9 In a few countries around the world, including the United States and France. The first numbers will appear in . format Ghost Recon Breakpoint It will be distributed to the players through a free airdrop spread over three dates: December 9, 12 and 15, 2021.

Concretely, every number unique Through the serial number that will be visible on the item in the game. In addition, the username of the Ubisoft Connect operator will be incorporated into the digital metadata. When Digit is sold to a new owner, His username will be added to the metadata, thus creating a property registry for the NFT.

In order to ensure that players can enjoy the numbers correctly, without any speculation about NFTs, Ubisoft Quartz will not be available. Only for players who meet the eligibility criteria. In particular, it will be necessary to go beyond a certain level of experience in the game to establish its legitimacy.

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Ubisoft wants to create a “real metaverse path”

Launching quartz beta is the next step Exploring blockchain technology Conducted by Ubisoft for four years. Indeed, thanks to her Entrepreneurs Lab and the Strategic Innovation Lab in Paris, Ubisoft learned to adopt The right approach To get started with blockchain games. The company has worked remarkably with start-up companies such as Dapper Labs, Sky Mavis or Sorarewho have since raised huge amounts of money.

“Ubisoft Quartz is the first building block in our ambitious vision of developing a true metaverse. It cannot be achieved without overcoming the limitations of early forms of blockchain for gaming, including scalability and power consumption,” said Nicholas Poire, Head of the Strategic Innovation Lab at Ubisoft.

It is for one of those reasons Chosen by Ubisoft to rely on Tezos (XTZ), The blockchain runs on a Proof of Stake (PoS) consensus mechanism. In fact, selection is mainly explained by Low energy consumption Tezos protocol, as compared to Proof of Work (PoW) based blockchain for example.

“Energy efficiency is a prerequisite for driving blockchain technology into the future where it can be widely used by millions of gamers. We chose Tezos due to its original proof-of-stake network and leadership in clean NFTs,” Didier Genevois, Technical Director of Blockchain at Ubisoft.

Thus, the French video game giant Ubisoft, which achieved a sales volume of 2.5 billion dollars in 2020 The largest company in its sector To adopt NFTs.

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