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The shocking secret of Daniel Briere: Matvey Myshkov haunts his nights

The shocking secret of Daniel Briere: Matvey Myshkov haunts his nights

In a surprising twist, Philadelphia Flyers general manager Daniel Briere has revealed a shocking secret regarding Matvey Myshkov, the young Russian prodigy who was selected by the Flyers in the last draft.

In a recent statement, Briere expressed his deep concerns that Mitchkov will never be seen wearing an Airmen's uniform.

“If he ever comes…” He whispered, leaving doubts about the future of this promising talent within the Philadelphia team.

What makes this revelation even more disturbing is Briere's admission that he has never been able to speak to Mitchkov since his selection.

“It's exciting to have a prospect like Mechkov, but we don't know if we'll see him one day!”

This precarious situation is enough to make Kent Hughes, general manager of the Montreal Canadiens, who was the subject of much criticism for ignoring Mitchkov during the draft, smile.

Now, with uncertainty surrounding Mitchkov's availability, criticism of Hughes has subsided.

Briere now seems concerned about never seeing Mechkov in a Flyers jersey, a possibility that could have major ramifications for the team's future… and Briere's job.

Doubts about Mechkov's ability to join the NHL have sparked speculation and concern, especially given the lack of communication between the player and Flyers management.

The Flyers and their fans remain in limbo, hoping that Matvey Myshkov will eventually overcome the Russian hurdles and one day join Philadelphia to cement the fact that he is a superstar.

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Kent Hughes has to pray that Mitchkov never comes…or that he comes as late as possible. Because the day David Reinbacher and Matvey Mechkov find themselves on the same ice, the cocktail will taste bad in the CH general manager's mouth.