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Acfas competitions reward two members of the UdeM student community

Acfas competitions reward two members of the UdeM student community

“The Magic of Alphabet Theater”

animation The magic of the Habsi theatre Amna Fakhfakh, a doctoral student in speech therapy at the University of Montreal, won first place in the ACFAS Research Publication Competition.

Inspired by the stories of people with aphasia who took part in a qualitative study into the effects of aphasia theatre, the work immerses us in the daily life of Stefan, 63, who has suffered from this language disorder since having a stroke. His language difficulties persist and he is gradually isolating himself. During the course of rehabilitation, he participates in aphasia theater workshops and takes part in a theater creation project, and in the end his social life and well-being will improve significantly.

Amna Fakhfakh holds a bachelor’s degree in speech therapy from the University of Tunis El Manar and a master’s degree in speech therapy from the University of Montreal. Since fall 2021, she has been a member of the LAIR and IV laboratories. While her research focuses on neurological disorders in the elderly, she has a particular interest in the Aphasia Theater Project, directed by Maud Gendron-Langevin and Ingrid Verduycht. In particular, it explores the potential of virtual reality in speech therapy rehabilitation of people with aphasia and their social integration during interactions.

Succession Award Acfas

As a PhD student in Psycho-Education at UdeM, Felix Bélanger was awarded the Acfas Relève Award, in the Department of Education, for his exceptional career in the field of psychosocial intervention.

With a bachelor's degree in psychoeducation from the University of Quebec in Outaouais, Felix Belanger was interested in psychosocial intervention with marginalized populations such as Indigenous youth, youth with mental health issues, 2SLGBTQIA+ community members and adults experiencing homelessness. His training continued with a master's degree from the University of Montreal: his thesis focused on peer victimization and academic performance, demonstrating his passion for research and its application in the school setting. Today, in his doctoral studies at UdeM, Felix Belanger focuses on gender school climate and co-creates research projects aimed at supporting this population.

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The Acfas Relève Award awarded to Félix Bélanger includes a $2,000 scholarship. Established in 2022, this award rewards the recognized work of a new generation of Quebec and Canadian researchers in various fields.