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To finish the first round

To finish the first round

from where we start?

The NHL gave us some great hockey this weekend. Three matches #7 on Saturday and two on Sunday. The last two matches last night ended with a goal scored in overtime!

It’s good for show, that!

Hurricanes wiped out the Bruins
On Saturday, the Hurricanes outplayed the Bruins in Raleigh with two goals and a pass from Max Domi, who has yet to score in the playoffs. You know, when you know how to choose the perfect timing to start production…

Jesperi Kotkaniemi has yet to score a single point since the start playoffs. Do I need to remind you that the Hurricanes have scored 24 goals in total, Kotkaniemi is worth $6.1 million this season and has signed a contract extension of about $40 million (for eight years)? On Saturday night, KK was the second least used player by Rod Brind’Amour. How will this story end?

Among the Bruins, we especially remember Patrice Bergeron’s hug (with every player leaving the rink) and Brad Marchand’s comments. Did it sound like retirement hour for the Bruins captain?

The lightning killed the maple leaves
Possess maple leaves repeatedly They were eliminated in the first round. It was the fifth consecutive loss in a final (four matches number seven and in the qualifying round After the first wave of COVID-19) for the Torontonians.

The tree leaves He has not won a series since 2004. That was almost 20 years ago!

Since then they have presented a paper from 0-10 In matches where they can Eliminate the other team.

Mitch Marner said after the match that he was tired of losing and that there would definitely be a change. However, several insiders It led to the belief that the positions of Shanahan, Dupas, and Hefer would not be in danger. Will Matthews, Tavares and Nylander be sacrificed over the summer?

The big guns were produced for the Leafs, but so were their defense, goalkeeper(s) and attackers. in their area Can’t tell the difference. At the same time, there’s no shame in the Stanley Cup champion being sent on vacation…

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As much as I hate Lightning since their comments last year (after the Stanley Cup game), I hate for the Maple Leafs and their fans to admit it. So I didn’t shed a single tear when I saw them extinct Late Saturday night… and the fact that they got into a fight with each other (the fans) made me realize how hard it is to be a fan tree leaves for 20 years.

“We are losers! – Maple Leafs fans outside the stadium on Saturday evening

Otters removed the kings

Conor McDavid (goal and assist) took charge on Saturday night and led his team straight into the second round. McDavid finished his streak with 14 points in seven games, including eight in the last three. He also has a cumulative difference of +10 in the first round.

McDavid has clearly been the leading scorer in the NHL since the start of the playoffs.

What, Danault wasn’t able to silence MacDavid?

The Canadian former midfielder didn’t have a bad streak: five points and teams of plus 6. McDavid scored several points against lines other than Danault as well play power. It was Todd McClellan sometimes trainee by Jay Woodcroft (last change).

No, Philip Danault won’t get a chance to eat pizza in front of the cameras this year.

Get rid of the penguins
What could be better than a goal scored by the home team in extra time in the final?

As they say Artemi Panarin a little sleepy Since the start of the playoffs, the debate wrapped up in overtime last night (in front of the fiery Madison Square Garden). In seven matches, Panarin scored three goals and four assists. Not bad for a man sleeping

The return of Sidney Crosby and Tristan Gary will not be enough. Obviously, Gary was still upset about his injury foot/ankle And Crosby didn’t seem to be 100%. Did he endanger his health by playing last night? With the concussion (and the soft tissue injuries to his neck) suffered early in his career, was Crosby a reckless (for nothing) yesterday?

The Penguins lead 3-1 in this series, and yesterday they led twice (2-1 and 3-2). They just have to blame themselves for Loss. Let’s say spicy ham and broccoli won’t smile more than once at Louis Domingu, who finished the series with unflattering stats: 3.65 and .898.

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The last penguin dance won’t be as long and fun as hoped in Pittsburgh. And you will have played earlier today evening

What does the future hold for Evgeni Malkin (UFASidney Crosby and Chris LetangUFA)? At ages 34 and 35, they are closer to retirement than their peak in union.

Last night, a young team that was rebuilding wiped out an old team that had to rebuild. The next few years may be long and difficult in Pittsburgh. You don’t come across optimistic people like Crosby and Malkin every year…

The fires destroyed the stars

The stars will suffocate for much longer than expected. No one saw them in the second round and it took extra time in Game 7 of their first series to be able to pack up.

Without Jake Oettinger, this streak could have ended in five or six matches.

Last night, he was shot 67 rounds. At the other end, Jacob Markstrom received only 28 rounds.

Oettinger finished the series with 1.81 goals against average and 954 goals. Without him, there was no long series. In fact, there was probably no series at all because it was excellent in the regular season too…

We’ll remember from yesterday’s game Johnny Goudreau’s overtime goal (with pinpoint accuracy), as well as Tyler Toffoli’s first goal in the playoffs. It was deserved…


– Ben Chiaroot and the Panthers eliminated the Capitals in six games Friday night. This is the first time since 1996 (the defeat in the Stanley Cup Final) that the Panthers have reached the second round of the playoffs. in defeat capsnote the comments of Niklas Backstrom (has a groin injury and 100% won’t come back) and Alex Ovechkin (take pills and injections to silence the pain in playoffs).

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– Wild has been eliminated in six matches by the Blues. Is it time to retire for Marc-Andre Fleury? One thing is for sure, Wild is going through a tough three-year period… while Zach Parise and Ryan Suter, whose contracts have been bought, will make up 12-15 million on the payroll without playing and helping the team. ouch!

(Credit: CapFri

– Nothing to say about the avalanche: They’re on a mission and I don’t want to be the blues…

– We dealt with excellent performances (offensive, often) and high ratings during this first playoff round. Hopefully the next three rounds will be equally entertaining…