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Another Connor Bedard in Chicago?

Another Connor Bedard in Chicago?

Just months after Connor Bedard inherited hockey, Chicago is poised to recognize, in the NFL draft, another rare talent selected first overall.

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Bedard is the rare gem for the Blackhawks, who won the 2023 draft lottery, much to the dismay of fans in Montreal and other rebuilding markets.

This time, Chicago appears to have gotten another godsend in Caleb Williams, a quarterback who will have the task of bringing the Windy City to life with the relaunched Bears.

We are not talking about one midfielder among many others, but rather about a first choice that many describe as “generational,” according to the conventional expression.

Recruiters put him on the same pedestal on which they have already elevated Trevor Lawrence (2021), Peyton Manning (1998), and John Elway (1983).

Obviously this does not guarantee anything at all. Manning and Elway had unusual careers. It is still too early to judge what Lawrence did. What is certain is that the best quarterback each year is not necessarily the one that stands out.

However, for Chicago, the possibility of inheriting two gems in two major sports just over a year apart is very real.

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Ironically, the Bears had the first overall pick last year, but traded him to the Panthers, who selected Bryce Young first overall. The young quarterback struggled in his first year and the Panthers ended up dead last.

Imagine the ocean of tears in Carolina if it was Caleb Williams who became a superstar and not Bryce Young…

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Before getting there, Williams had never won anything. Traditionally, Chicago is known as a quarterback graveyard.

The team is 104 years old and still more than average, Jay Cutler holds the franchise record with 23,443 yards. Only two franchises, the Buccaneers and Texans, fared worse in this regard, but they have the excuse of having been around since 1976 and 2002, respectively.

The Bears quickly resigned with Justin Fields as their last first-round quarterback. They have previously fallen short in the first round with Mitchell Trubisky (2017), Rex Grossman (2003), Cade McKinnon (1999), Jim Harbaugh (1987) and others.

Only Jim McMahon, who was selected fifth overall in 1982, had a respectable career. Once again, he benefited from the defense of historic talent.

Kiss? We have to go back to Sid Lachman in the 1940s.

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Another Connor Bedard in Chicago?

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In Caleb Williams, the Bears and Chicago have their hands on a quarterback who seems tailor-made for today's NFL. His arm is beyond doubt, and most of all, his ability to improvise in a seemingly botched game is reminiscent of the Aaron Rodgers and Patrick Mahomes of this world.

Many criticize his confidence bordering on arrogance or the fact that he somewhat fades in important matches. It also remains to be seen how he will react in the volatile climate of Chicago. Based on talent alone, it looks like he's finally the one to pull the franchise out of its doldrums.

At least four quarterbacks will be drafted in the first round (Williams, Drake May, Jayden Daniels and JJ McCarthy). Michael Penix and Bo Nicks can be added to this show. Not to mention a huge selection of high-quality receivers.

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