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Canadian | Without Brendan Gallagher for six weeks

Canadian Brendan Gallagher announced on Wednesday that he will be out of action for at least six weeks with a “lower body” injury.

It’s the same lower body injury that sidelined him between November 29 and December 29. When he returned, he had only played three matches, scoring one goal, before falling down again on 3 January.

On January 6, the Canadian announced an absence of “at least two weeks”, the minimum that could easily be achieved.

Gallagher has 9 points in 25 games this season.

This new absence means another campaign cut short for the brave No. 11. Gallagher has missed 59 games in the last three campaigns, already down to 16 this season, a number that could be added to around fifteen if he returns. In the match six weeks later.

Gallagher holds a contract valid through 2027, up to $6.5 million under the salary cap.

Earlier Wednesday, the team announced the call-up of Jesse Ylonen. The no-confidence followed the announcement of Anthony Richard’s dismissal on Tuesday afternoon. Richard was the only healthy extra forward in lockouts in Monday’s game.

Younin, 23, has 27 points (8 goals, 19 assists) in 34 games with Laval this season. Last year, Finn, pick 2H Tour CH in 2018, splitting his time between Laval and Montreal, where he was entitled to 14 matches. He scored five points in those 14 games.

The Canadian resumed training on Wednesday morning, the day after the day off.

St. Louis believes the Canadian has reached another stage in his apprenticeship

Martin St. Louis believes his troops have entered a new phase of professional training and must now take charge.

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And the Canadian national team coach explained, on Wednesday, that the victories at the beginning of the season may have hidden some deficiencies in the defensive area. Now is the time for his players to roll up their sleeves and put on their work boots.

“I reviewed some of our games earlier in the season when we were winning, and our play in the defensive zone is like when we’re losing,” St. Louis said. But we were getting amazing goalkeeper performances, or our power was productive or we were dropping penalties. There were things that were hiding the problems.

“But it was important for a lot of our players not to criticize them too much or not put too many restrictions on them,” he added.

With losses piling up at a brisk pace for about a month and embarrassing performances becoming more common, St. Louis admits it’s time for players to face up to their responsibilities.

St. Louis had been insisting for a few weeks on a more complete commitment from its players. He also mentioned the “passengers” after defeats, in which many players were not visible on the ice.

“Each person can take it as they please. It’s up to them to look in the mirror. If the player thought they were a traveler, they might be, but others might be too hard on themselves and think they are.”

“You have to be engaged physically and mentally, or at least one of the two, otherwise it’s very difficult to be productive. Sometimes you won’t have your legs, but does that mean you can’t engage? No. There are other ways of doing things.”

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St. Louis said he still expects to eventually have to clamp down after giving his players so much freedom since his Feb. 9 hiring.

He now hopes to see them more committed to learning how to work in the defensive zone, which will lead to team success.

“We’re getting to a point where the players have to be responsible for the things we’re working on,” St. Louis said. These are the things that will help us win and grow as a team. Victory is part of it. Victory is not a skill. is a choice. And victory is not fair. You can do everything well and work harder than the opponent and still lose. But as a group, we want to go in that direction. Culture and motto are important aspects in the next phase of our group. »

St. Louis understands that there will sometimes be mishaps for its young team, like losing 4-0 to the Seattle Kraken Monday night at the Bell Center.

“It’s like when you have a puppy, you imagine an owner of three dogs. You want him to be able to be toilet trained, to sit, to paw, to lie down, etc. But sometimes there will be accidents. It’s part of being young.”

Bouncing back against predators

The Canadiens will try to get back to their winning ways on Thursday when they host the Nashville Predators at the Bell Center. The Predators beat the Habs 6-3 on January 3 in Tennessee.

Ahead of the match at the Peel Centre, former defender BK Suban will be honored.

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“He was an important member of the team,” said forward Cole Coffield. I remember his breakaway goal coming out of the penalty area in the series against the Boston Bruins.

“He’s been around my good friend Jack (Hughes) in New Jersey and I’ve only heard good things about him. He’s a guy with loads of energy. CH’s No. 22 said.

St. Louis was unable to confirm who Samuel Montembolt or Cayden Primo would defend the Habs. Jake Allen (upper body) trained alone on Wednesday.

Champagne Alexis Belanger, The Canadian Press