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Neymar in a quarter turn / C1 / Gr.  H / PSG-Benfica (1-1) /

Neymar in a quarter turn / C1 / Gr. H / PSG-Benfica (1-1) /

In an uneasy atmosphere linked to the complicated situation around Kylian Mbappe’s situation, PSG failed to get rid of Benfica. But in this bitter and controversial match, a man forever distinguished himself among the Parisian masses. And this guy… Neymar.

the average

This may be a detail to you, but it means a lot to him. When Juan Bernat crossed the left side and was cut by Antonio Silva in the area, Michael Oliver did not hesitate to mark the penalty spot. In this case, the British arbitrator This PSG-Benfica He wasn’t the only one who was a good inspiration. In action, Neymar had grabbed the ball not too long ago and confirmed his place as one of the best penalty kick takers against the wall of Odysséas Vlachodímos. Only, the number 10 player in Paris Saint-Germain is following the news, especially the news of his club. And when new rumors of his desire to leave Kylian Mbappe began to gain momentum, the Brazilian realized it was not time to set himself up. through his friend’s wayThis year appointed head point 11 meters. Mute for two meetings, it’s Mbappe tonight The top scorer in the history of the Paris club in the Champions League (31, one unit ahead of Edinson Cavani) thanks to a penalty kick. Behind him Neymar carefully watched his colleague’s preparations, did not hesitate to cheer him up and quietly celebrate his goal. ¡Eso es! » (That’s it, in VF). There is no doubt after this shock against Benfica: the star who boosted the 2022-2023 edition of Paris Saint-Germain is Neymar.

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A solo party in the middle of a group soup

A truth told to some, but revealed to others: Neymar finished the meeting in the Parc des Princes this evening. That was not the case for Mbappe, as he injured his ankle and was replaced by Carlos Soler at the start of overtime. Christoph Galtier realized this during the meeting: the gap could only come from a flash of the playmaker’s genius. Oriverdi. The engine in the first attacking move from Paris Saint-Germain despite a pass from Mbappe cut by Florentino Luis (4e), Neymar was constantly watched by two or three Lisbon residents ready to use their underworld to destabilize him. This never happened, Ney kept his cool despite repeated mistakes and sometimes was passable with João Mário’s sweep of Marco Verratti (34e), or Gonzalo Ramos (44eafter a crazy sombrero) and Enzo Fernandez (77e) to… Neymar.

A lover of swaying dribbling, Nye gave Paris a little spice in a match that smelled of boredom. His union with old road Mbappe forced Nicolas Otamendi to put an erratic end to the Parisian advance (21 .).e), his precise cross forced Grimaldo to join his forehead after a failed attempt to chisel back by Pablo Sarabia (28)e). Relaxed like a fish in the water when speaking his technique, Neymar enjoyed the chest control sequence and passed to Sarabia before the Spaniard molested his shot (34)e). In the last minutes, breaking into the face of the Portuguese defense with cross passes in the leg deserved a better fate (75).e). In short, this match will not be a reference when it comes to quoting Ney’s great European evenings at PSG, but his gestures and demeanor on the pitch will make the impression of showing the way to his partners. Generosity, creativity and ego aside, all with 11 goals and 9 assists in 14 games since the start of the season. So why does the project focus on another character?

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Written by Antoine Donnarichs