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Quebec Championship: Young Canadians crowned

Quebec Championship: Young Canadians crowned

The small Montreal Canadiens can be proud of their feat that has eluded top Canadians since 1993: winning the championship.

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It may not be the Stanley Cup, but the youngsters honored the club they represent by winning the AAA honors at the Tournoi international de hockey pee-wee de Québec, at Videotron Centre.

To do this, they beat the Czech Knights 5-4 in overtime. This is the first time in the prestigious tournament’s 62-year history that young Canadians have been crowned champions. So far, the club has never reached the final.

The young Canadians wrapped up the 62nd Tournoi pee-wee de Québec by showing off as snowboard champions at Videotron Centre.

Didier Debuscheur’s photo

So the honor goes to the pioneers of Lanaudière, who proudly bore the name and emblem of their idols. In the case of the pioneers, it is also a first title in the AAA division.

Proud Jason Bominville

In the midst of the festivities on the ice, Jason Bominville, a former Minnesota Wildlife Veteran, Buffalo Sabers smiled as his children walked in with a trophy.

“It’s the biggest tournament in the world. It’s been in their heads for a long time. We’re here wearing the Canadian shirt. We couldn’t be happier,” said the person who wore the double hat to coach and Jayden’s father, who scored a goal.

Complete return!

Far from triumphing, it was the road to get there that produced an electric atmosphere. With less than four minutes of play, the young Canadians were three goals behind.

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In less than three minutes, Jayden Bauminville, Thomas Charbonneau and Alexis Joseph hit the target to do the unthinkable and send everyone into overtime.

In extra time, the same Alexis Josef made a single spin in front of the Czech goalkeeper to score the winning goal. A scene worthy of a sports movie where the script is considered unrealistic.

“It is extraordinary to score a goal like this in extra time in front of thousands of people amid the crowds screaming: Go, lock up, go! When I broke up, I felt like all the dads on our side were jumping and screaming. We’re totally back,” the young man was still amazed, a few minutes into his life’s moment.

While the Canadians have shown resilience, it would be rude not to salute the bravery of their Czech rivals.

They played the last game on the evening program on Saturday, which spanned a penalty shootout. The same scenario was repeated yesterday morning, in the semi-finals against the small team Remparts, before they participated in the final only four hours later.

“As the game went on, I knew they were more tired. We had more energy after we rolled off the bench in all the tournaments. The fact remains that if you replay this match 10 times, there probably won’t be an end like this. We found a way to win and that’s It’s the main thing.”

Representatives of the Czech Republic have won two of the last three editions of the championship in the AAA class.

It should be noted that the urinal tournament has announced a total attendance of 139,712 spectators for this year.

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