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Three-point night for Nick Suzuki: relief for the leader

Three-point night for Nick Suzuki: relief for the leader

The Canadian captain, who we’ve seen little of since the start of the season, is finally on his feet. In this dramatic overtime victory, Nick Suzuki led the Habs’ attack, contributing to three of his team’s four goals.

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A goal he scored himself with a precise wrist shot early in the second half allowed him to finally break the ice. The first goal that seemed to take a lot of pressure off his shoulders.

“I felt a little lighter after that. It was a relief. Now I can move on,” Suzuki said at the end of the 4-3 win.

However, this is not the first time Suzuki has taken time to turn things around. In his first season, it took him seven games to achieve that. In the 2021-2022 season, he needs 11 games. On this last occasion, he concluded the season with 61 points, including 21 goals.

So there is no need to panic yet.

“I think I was happier than him,” Cole Coffield said. He plays well. Of course there might be some things he’d like to tweak, but he’s our man. He is the one we follow and we are all proud of him. »

However, to increase the chances of Suzuki, as well as Cole Caufield, having a season that meets expectations, they will need to find a right winger capable of following them.

Nothing against Rafael Harvey Benard who regained his first-line position after vacating it to Josh Anderson against the Devils. Moreover, thanks to his work along the slope to get the puck, Suzuki succeeded in hitting the target.

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It’s nothing against Anderson either. The big winger has qualities, but does not have the vision to develop alongside the two prodigies.

Monahan, the logical choice

Photo by Martin Chevalier

Moreover, when we ask Martin St. Louis who could complete this duality, the answer is often the same.

“When Dvorak returns, we will have more options,” he repeated again Thursday morning.

After being placed on the long-term injured list at the start of the season, Dvorak will be eligible to return to play next Saturday in St. Louis.

Inevitably, the next option is Sean Monahan. In him, St. Louis can rely on the qualities of Harvey Benard and Anderson in one person.

Left-handers, unlike Suzuki, will also allow St. Louis to have another option in the faceoff circle during the important duels that will fall to this trio.

Once Dvorak returns, St. Louis will be able to count on an additional quarterback. He will be able to slot him in between Tanner Pearson and Brendan Gallagher and bring Monahan to the right side of the first unit.

It’s crazy how quickly things can change in the world of sports. While not so long ago, we were wondering how Kent Hughes managed to break the 27-year-old forward’s $4.5 million contract, now we’re anxiously hoping for his return.

Who would have believed that?

Because of Dak

If Kirby Dutch hadn’t suffered a season-ending injury in Game 2, one wonders if Monahan wouldn’t have been in that chair already.

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St. Louis was reluctant to give Alex Newhook a central position to start the season, preferring to first give him space on the left flank.

However, Dach’s injury showed that the former Colorado Avalanche has lost none of his ease playing on the playing surface, in the middle of the second line.

Every time he jumps on the ice, something happens. This was the case again last night. His ruthlessness earned scoring chances for Mike Matheson and Anderson.

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