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David Pagnotta believes CH discussed the matter with the Canucks

David Pagnotta believes CH discussed the matter with the Canucks

Conor Garland’s situation in Vancouver is special.

We’re talking about a player with great offensive skills here… but we’re talking about a player who appears to be getting paid a lot for what he can provide to a National League team.

Let’s remember that, for all intents and purposes, he makes a salary of $4.95 million per year and that his contract expires at the end of the 25-26 season.

The Canucks have tried several times to trade him in recent months, but it’s his contract that makes the situation even more complicated. Especially with this in mind, Patrick Alvin (the club’s CEO) is seeking to find a third team to facilitate the deal in terms of salary.

David Pagnotta wrote in Recent article The Ducks, Flyers, Sharks and CH are clubs that may be interested in participating as a “third party” in the deal…

And on that subject, an NHL Network source believes these teams have discussed with the Canucks about the small forward forward:

I believe all four teams have had conversations with the Vancouver Canucks regarding the Connor Garland situation. -David Pagnotta

It’s interesting.

Kent Hughes has proven in the past to be a creative general manager who is not afraid to think outside the box in order to improve his club’s situation, whether in the short, medium or long term.

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However… the Canadian is already retaining a portion of the salaries of Jeff Petry (until July 2025) and Joel Edmondson (until July 2024).

Given that an NHL team can only retain salary for three contracts at a time, that would limit Hughes a bit since we’re still a ways away from the trade deadline and the 2024 draft.

We know how quickly it can get prepared Delivery time And in Draft…And that’s why I think Kent Hughes will want to give himself a chance to be sure freedom.

Add to all of this the fact that Garland’s contract expires in two years… in my eyes, Kent Hughes would have to get more than interesting compensation in order to dance with the Canucks as the third team involved in the deal.

The Canadiens general manager is smart. He won’t get in trouble to please anyone and that’s not his job either.

If he feels that participating in the Conor Garland trade can help the team, he will certainly do so. But for now, let’s just say there’s nothing that would allow CH to gain an advantage at the situation… unless the Canucks offer a piece the Montreal GM can’t refuse.

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