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These are the brave men from Get Me Out of Here!

These are the brave men from Get Me Out of Here!

My spies, they must have been passed out from the fancy fentanyl being sold STATsleeps with gas, like Julien de Eloquent If we loved each other After a couple of glasses of Alberta wine.

Fortunately, the November slumber did not completely numb them, and these loyal collaborators brought me precious nuggets from Panama, where the second season of the reality TV show was filmed this summer. Get me out of here! From value added tax.

For those who live in a cave like the one Simon and Mia visited Organizational developmentThis popular show derived from the British concept I’m a celebrity…bring me on Outside!parachute 10 local stars into the heart of the jungle, without access to amenities He camps in a prepared placeLet’s say. The campers sleep under the stars on crude beds, subsist on white rice and black beans, and endure disgusting ordeals halfway between… Boyar castle And Survivor.

At the end of August, TVA confirmed that comedian Rosalie Vaillancourt, host Dave Morissette, and skater Sébastien Toutan, known as Seb Toots, had participated in the second season of the series. Get me out of here!

According to Shamati, host and comedian Alex Perron, columnist Sophie Durocher, host Patricia Paquin, comedian Philippe Laprise, actress Audrey Roger and former host Claudine Desrocher have also joined the show’s co-hosts, Jean-Philippe Dionne and Alexandre Barrett, in Central America.

Production from Get me out of here! It prohibits competitors from speaking publicly about their experience before episodes scheduled to air this winter on TVA. The party line or the law of silence? – He was respected.

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Contacted on Wednesday, Alex Peron denied his involvement Get me out of here! 2But he admitted “he would have liked to be part of it.” Claudine Desrochers told me this is “false information.” The agency representing Philippe Laprise was unable to confirm or deny my information. Sophie Durocher did not respond to an interview request, while agents Patricia Paquin and Audrey Roger (Fluffy V. Red braceletss) He gave no sign of life.

Photography by François Roy, Press

Rosalie Vaillancourt’s presence was confirmed in August by the show’s production.

For those wondering: Claudine Desrochers, who was the queen of TVA mornings with her Claudine seasonsnow works as Account and Business Development Manager for the Biron Group, which specializes, among other things, in laboratory testing.

The first season of Get me out of here!which was viewed by 1.6 million people, brought together Ds François Marquis On call 24/7Actress Livia Martin, chef Jean-Michel Leblond, actor Diano Clavette, dancer Rahman Belkebesh, Olympian Marianne Saint-Gillet, comedian Jean-François Mercier, singer Nathalie Simard, presenter Colette Provencher and singer Andriane. A. Mallet was crowned Queen of the Jungle in the last episode. The team then set up their tents in Costa Rica.

The photo is taken from the exhibition’s Facebook page

Andrian A. Mallet, winner of the first season

The second type of SGet me out of here! I think it brings together more strong characters. How will these people – already expressive – react when they feel hungry, exhausted, and afraid of snakes and other disgusting creatures? This may cause a spark, which is useful when you have to start a fire in the tropical rain, without matches or a lighter.

Another advantage of distribution Get me out of here! 2 : The names are well-known enough to prevent the candidates (Hello Rahman!) from not recognizing their companions in the first episode. Weakness. Who is he again? Why doesn’t his face return to me? It won’t happen this year.

I was also told that the level of tests Get me out of here! He was going to be promoted, which was an excellent decision. Some of the challenges in Chapter 1, such as assessing the length of a vine or measuring the amount of water in an aquarium, were very simple and easy. Especially when compared to the complex puzzles and giant units Quebec survivors In Novo.

In like the Everyone is talking about it, Masked singers, revolution, Celebrity Big Brother, voice or Live from the universe, Get me out of here It is one of the essential shows that has – so far – survived the erosion of audience ratings and distraction on digital platforms. And unlike catch-up dramas, Get me out of here! They watch each other live, fearing that a website or Facebook page will reveal the name of the person excluded that day.

We don’t have a marathon Get me out of here! During the holiday season. We sit in front of the television every Sunday evening to follow the adventures of the happy outcasts. A small week, like in the old days.

It is reassuring that our television, which is currently going through a major crisis, is still creating large gatherings. We receive Communion at Guy A’s Mass. High LePage, we guess the identity of the amulets with Guillaume Lemay-Thiverge and experience a collective moment, all together, each one in his own living room.

These event programs revive discussions about the coffee machine, which are lost with fantasy series, because no one is in the same place in their consumption of the episodes.

Nostradumas believes that as long as traditional television produces this kind of unified fire, it will survive.