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La Grande Vie Grand Prix: The stars align for a Montreal resident

La Grande Vie Grand Prix: The stars align for a Montreal resident

Robert Jarrow was clearly born under a lucky star. The Montrealer, who is passionate about astrology, won the grand prize during the April 25 drawing, which offers the winner $1,000 a day for life.

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“I knew it was coming. I thought it was related to my work, but eventually my budget suddenly increased. Thank you, Jupiter, thank you, Uranus!” exclaimed the 69-year-old.

Happy, but still calm in the face of this financial turmoil, Mr. Jarrow decides to take home $7 million, instead of the daily sum of $1,000, for the rest of his life. The other option would have earned him an annual sum of $365,000 for the rest of his life.

“I will take the seven million immediately so that I can get excited right away. At my age, we don’t know what could happen,” confirmed the man who has been buying tickets for the Grand Vie since its sales began in 2016.

He checked his ticket at midnight, 4 a.m., at the end of April. That's when he realized he had just won the jackpot.

“I had a hard time going back to sleep after that,” he added, laughing.

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A doubly important day

On Thursday, Loto-Québec's official ceremony was held to present him with his giant check. A day of doubly important for Mr. Jarrow.

“It's my mother's birthday today, happy birthday, mother,” he whispered, looking up at the sky, looking touched.

The new millionaire did not explain what he wanted to do with the money. He said he wanted to take the time to think about it.

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“I don't realize it yet, I've learned to live on a shoestring budget. I'll cash the check and we'll see later,” he explained.

However, he indicated his desire to buy a new bike, noting that his bike was stolen two years ago.

“I will replace my bike, that's for sure. A regular bike with pedals, not an electric one because that prevents us from exercising,” Montreal said.

“I always knew I would win”

Mr Jarrow, who has been passionate about astrology since his teens, said he always knew fortune would smile on him one day.

“I always knew I would win at some stage, that's why I always booked tickets,” he said.

The guy who had an astronomy column in the newspaper for nearly 40 years Terrebonne review He also discussed his horoscope gains in recent weeks.

Mr. Jarrow bought his ticket at the Marché Express convenience store on Grande Allée, in Terrebonne. The retailer will receive a commission of $70,000, equivalent to 1% of winnings, according to Loto-Québec.