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This actress who has not appeared on television in 30 years has landed a role in the movie Witches

This actress who has not appeared on television in 30 years has landed a role in the movie Witches

Starting this winter, viewers will meet a new character in the series Witchesand this actress will be played by an actress we have not seen in a long time.

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It’s nothing but Christine Lamereknown as Voice Caching And also for his role as Jackie in Time is gone. Moreover, since her role in this series, which ended in 1993, the actress has not appeared on television.

Photo: Patrick Seguin/TVA Publications

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In the annual TVA series, she will play a 70-year-old woman Compassionatewife Pierre (Karl Bichard). They are parents Philip (Patrick Drolet), Who he is in a relationship with Beth (Mary Joan Boucher)One of the heroes.

In an interview with our journalist Danielle Denault, the main interested party provided some information about her role.

“My character is actually something I’ve never played before, she’s a woman who’s a little bit under her husband’s control. She’s an interesting character, she’s a kind, gentle woman. Something will happen with her husband that will ensure she returns to her old self.”

Photo: Patrick Seguin/TVA Publications

This is a description of his personality:

“Retired, well-off, baby-boomer couple. Pierre is a former department head at CEGEP. Clemence has always been a homemaker. Friendly, warm grandparents, who live in the same neighborhood as Beth and Phil, and are always willing to come over and watch their grandchildren and spend time with them.” Clemence is very gentle and motherly, but anxious by nature.Pierre, beneath his honorable appearance, hides somewhat restless tendencies.

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However, you’ll have to wait until the holidays to see his character appear in the story.

Until then, don’t miss out Witches Monday at 8 pm Value added tax and on VAT +.

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