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Saskia Thoth speaks candidly about her recent grief

Saskia Thoth speaks candidly about her recent grief

Entrepreneur and host Saskia Thoth recently spoke about being single and recent heartbreak while recording a podcast called Datestable.

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they Saskia thot And David Bernard Who were this week's guests on the podcast DateableCreated and hosted in 2023 Vanessa Duchel.

Among other things they talked about Dating In her 40s, dating apps, and getting to know each other, Saskia Thoth spoke about her recent heartbreak:

“My love life was not easy. I really loved the father of my children (…) and I felt very sad recently, a little over a year ago. I was madly in love with someone and it ended suddenly.”

She confirmed that these difficult events led her to depression.

Sitting in front of her microphone, Saskia spoke about self-confidence and celibacy after a long relationship. ShadowsAnd at the time I felt alive again:

The full episode is available here.

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