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'Hot Ones Québec' host: Marc-Andre Grondin now knows what to do when he eats very spicy foods

'Hot Ones Québec' host: Marc-Andre Grondin now knows what to do when he eats very spicy foods

Marc-Andre Grondin, 'a bit hot in life', learns to manage 'pain' by hosting new show Hot Ones Quebec, fiery conversationin which he eats chicken wings covered in increasingly hot sauce while asking questions of guests like Katherine Levack, Christine Morency, and Stefan Russo.

He says from experience that you should definitely not show up on set with an empty stomach. You should also not rub your eyes or go to the toilet without washing your hands first!

QMI Photography Agency, Joel Lemay

We should also eat a lot of rice and take antacids such as sweets to prevent heartburn.

“The first time I participated in a sauce tasting before filming, I was having a lot of problems with the kids. I slept for three hours, drank a huge amount of coffee and didn’t eat anything. It felt good with my body, but in the evening I had severe stomach pain.” And I told myself that I shouldn't do it anymore on an empty stomach! Marc-Andre Grondin confided to whom hot quebec It is my first experience in television animation.

QMI Photography Agency, Joel Lemay

Wednesday, during the scheduled visit of the episode dedicated to Stephane Rousseau, the latter reacted a lot by tasting 8H Chicken wing served with daboomb sauce.

To soothe the taste buds, throat, and sore throat, the host and guest can drink water, milk, or beer, or eat whipped cream, honey, and bite a lemon. And that's what Stefan did in the end, when he said he was “nervous about going out,” which made everyone on set laugh. His allergies even reverted to a state of bitterness as his body reacted to various strong sauces.

Marc-Andre didn't have a strong reaction. “I'm not known for my exuberant side! It burns just as much every time and I feel the burn, but the guest reacts so much that it amuses me and makes me think about something else. When we get to Dabomb, I know not to lick our lips. The first time, that's what I did and they caught fire.” .Be careful at home!

Marc Andre plays the spunky part, as he films two episodes a day, and starts off with the same spicy taste every time.

Strong sauces from home

Fair play team that produces hot quebec In collaboration with Quebcor Content, they wanted to highlight local produce after testing 40 sauces before filming. Thus we find Quebec products La Pimenterie, L'arramouth, Microsaucerie Piko Peppers and La Grande faueuse.

QMI Photography Agency, Joel Lemay

After recording, Stefan Russo, who will be filming the fourth part soonH season Masked singersAnd he said it was “true.”

“My nose is burning and my mouth is still on fire. In life, I like to eat a little spicy, but I never eat spicy. This is another level, it's hard to believe people eat this for real in life. It's almost like a nervous shock!” he said.

QMI Photography Agency, Joel Lemay

The first three chicken wings were passable and all was well for Stephen, who hit the wall with his daboomb sauce. “It's a slap in the face, it burns you everywhere, even between your teeth. Your brain is sending you signals that you are in complete distress!”

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10 half an hour from Hot Ones Quebec, fiery conversation It will be available this fall on Vrai. On YouTube, the original version has 13.3 million subscribers.