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An artist from Morrissey who is shining in France has an incredible talent

An artist from Morrissey who is shining in France has an incredible talent

David Corriveau, a singer and impersonator from Shawinigan, will participate in the semifinals France has incredible talentFriday in Paris. He earned the endorsement of Sugar Sammy, the judge on the show, as he deserved this vision.

The artist did not fail to point out Sugar Sammy, who a few years ago said that Shawinigan is the place where dreams die. The popular comedian was later reconciled with the Shawinigan community.

David Corriveau collaborated with artificial intelligence experts to give the audience the illusion that Sugar Sammy was performing Celine Dion’s songs. In fact, it was a Morrissey impersonator who sang on stage.

I was worried. I wondered if it would work as well with the technology as it would with the audience response. I was afraid it would be too complicated, and that we wouldn’t understand what it meant.

David Corriveau has been practicing the art of imitation since he was young. He also took to the stage with Marc Dupri and Veronique Clavio at the ComediHa concert! From this year. However, this was his first experience with AI technology. I discovered while doing that that when I played Celine Dion it didn’t work. I had to play Sugar Sammy who impersonates Celine Dionhe confided in an interview with Always in the morning.

Shawinigan was getting revenge

David Corriveau admits he was worried about the Quebec comedian’s reaction. I was ready to pick upHe admitted.

In the end, Sugar Sammy was defeated, enough to send him to the semi-finals using Sammy Golden bell. Shawinigan was getting revengeexclaimed David Corriveau.

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David Corriveau wants to raise the bar during his next performance. Without commenting on the nature of the number he will present in the semi-finals, he revealed his desire to address the topic of sexual identity.

According to the interview conducted on the Très le matin program