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The “Hot Ones” group's first foray into Quebec

The “Hot Ones” group's first foray into Quebec

The web phenomenon “Hot Ones,” which has 13 million subscribers on YouTube, is preparing to arrive in Quebec.

Our journalist had access to photograph a copy Talk showWhich will be hosted here by actor Marc-Andre Grondin.

Over the course of 23 seasons, America's biggest stars have been invited to burn off their taste buds by nibbling on increasingly spicy chicken wings, while answering the host's questions.

“You have ten sauces and you have a gradation on the Scoville scale, which is a measure of the intensity of the pepper, and the capsaicin concentration more precisely,” Marc-Andre Grondin explained.

The latter is also in his first experience as a host. With two doses a day, he also tastes all the chicken wings at the same time as his interlocutors.

“Another challenge I face is, at a certain point, focusing so I don't drool so much and can ask my questions.”

Guests confirmed for the first season of the Quebec version of Hot Ones include Catherine Levac, Christine Morency, Pierre-Luc Funk and Stéphane Rousseau.

Hot Ones Québec will be available this fall on the Vrai platform.

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