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Le Royaume-Uni veut faire décoller l'avion à hydrogène

The UK wants the hydrogen plane to take off

The British government launches the first call for a 3.5 3.5 million ZEFI (Zero Emission Air Infrastructure) project. Objective: To promote growthHydrogen planes By supporting the design of the new infrastructure.

When Jet Zero Council, British Air Transport (severely affected by the global epidemic) was created at the country’s recovery center by supporting environmentally responsible innovations, and the government has decided to provide subsidies to companies and universities to expedite the dynamic process.

For this first phase (suggests that there will be others), the government will provide up to ,000 60,000 to companies and universities to carry out research on hydrogen aviation and especially its infrastructure, such as charging points or hydrogen fuel tanks.

Aiming to boost initiatives in this field, the ZEFI “Scholarship” is the first of 21 21 million already invested by other channels in the development of sustainable aviation fuels (SAF pours standard aviation fuel).

The British government, which has pledged to neutralize aviation carbon by 2050, is helping its companies assume leadership responsibility in the fixed aviation sector. He hopes to be able to send his representatives to COP26 on flights operated by SAFs.

The UK Secretary of Transport Grant Shops has unequivocally insisted on his government’s policy line: ” As the first major economy to promise to reach net zero by 2050, we are moving ahead of any other country in the world in reducing emissions – providing the necessary framework to lead, finance and tariffs .