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Can the England football team fix England?

Can the England football team fix England?


July 10, 2021

If England wins the euro, will she be able to create a symbol of unity in post-Brexit Britain? Vision of Oliver de France, Director of Iris Research.

Is the England national team a symbol of post-Brexit Britain?

In the short term, before reading or political recovery, it seems to me that this is a group that gives pleasure to a position.Disabling. We saw him at Wembley during three Lions meetings and today we see him on the streets of the country.

On the other hand, if England wins the final, there is a risk of hearing the antiphone to release Brexit: by choosing the open sea, England has regained its status. Mojo. Breaking free from European ties around the country, its scientists developed the vaccine, whose administration inspired the masses, whose football players chased the weight of history and reconnected the thread of a country’s famous past that invented things like football. This is not only a question of an imaginary resemblance on the inner plane, but also of the image planned by the country on the outside (the two are connected): this is “England wins”.

And domestically?

It is hoped that if England wins the Euros, the team will be transformed into a symbol of unity in the post-Brexit United Kingdom, as was France in 1998. It’s about a team because it gives itself up a little clichs in Brexit England.

On the one hand, there are players like Bill Foden, who consciously calls the image of Paul Gascoigne and working class England. On the other hand, players like Raheem Sterling are very determined against racism. However, the division between the “Little England Brexiters” and the “Communists” I woke up » Does not work well To describe this team, everyone says Paul Gascoigne (according to Foten, if he wins the European Championship, the whole team will be painted like Cascoin) and all the players are on the same knee. MBE awarded to both Sterling and Rashford (Member of the Greatest Order of the British Empire) By the Queen of England, which precisely allows her to escapeEstablishment, Or Boomers English that integrates racism and culture I woke up.

However, this is still a very small unit. When they win, people of sterling or Rashford solidarity, they appreciate, temporarily adjust to these different identities. Conversely, they experience racism online if they lose. After France 98, the 2002 presidential election brought Jean-Marie Le Pen to the second round …

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What effect will this have on a more broader relationship on the relationship between the UK and the UK?

The The audience We have noticed that the use of the British flag (Union Jack) during the English victory at the 1966 World Cup was the order of the day. Since then, the English flag (with the crucifix of St. George) has taken precedence in the ranks. We will mention it today Special A Scottish newspaper wishing Italy success in the final.