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The shortage of truck drivers is worrying

The shortage of truck drivers is worrying

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The UK is concerned about a shortage of truck drivers. First, the outcome of the Govt-19 epidemic, which prompted some foreign drivers to return to their home country. But Brexit, which complicates the arrival of non-British workers across the channel. As a result, some food items are depleted, especially in fast food chains.

With our correspondent in London, Claire Digiomy

McDonald’s exhausted Milkshakes, From Fast foods Nando was forced to close the chain because they had no chicken. These are the definite consequences of a shortage of truck drivers in the United Kingdom.

A geeky profession

The truck driver’s profession was already old and considered geeky for young people. Then the epidemic went there. Driving license exams for trucks have been put on hold due to Govt-19. Conclusion: The number of candidates who lost their jobs when they started working is estimated at 25,000. Many European drivers have returned to their home country due to the health crisis.

It will take 90,000 new drivers …

Brexit greatly complicates recruitment. Because, from January 1, non-British applicants must have a visa, which is difficult to obtain. The government refused to exceptionally relax its immigration rules demanded by transport officials. Instead, he calls for the British to be given priority.

But according to a logistics company, an additional 90,000 truck drivers are needed to fill this labor shortage. A few months before Christmas, an image that worries the entire British production chain.

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