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Climate activists attack gas stations

Climate activists attack gas stations

Environmentalists vandalized several petrol stations in London on Friday. They demand that all new oil and gas projects be put on hold.

Whereas The UK is facing an explosion in the cost of living, Giving rise to historic social movements, the Just Stop Oil system came to add to the environmental chaos. Climate activists besieged seven petrol stations in London on Friday morning. These activists, including former members of Extinction Rebellion, condemn the British government’s inaction in the face of the climate emergency. They demand an immediate cessation of new exploitation of fossil fuels.

Followers of fists in public places, several members of Just Stop Oil broke the display glass and put several petrol pumps out of service. According to the newspaper Guardian, Opponents tooThey stuck their hands in the pumps and on the road» With glue – follows the same procedure “The Final Adjustment” In France, from the Annihilation Rebellion – and drew the slogan “No New Oil” (“No new oil“). On Twitter, Just Stop Oil advocates civil disobedience and blames the authorities.”You should be arrested for crimes against humanity, Boris Johnson and the government“, the organization writes.

Just Stop Oil activists are planning similar actions next week.A landmark government statement to end new fossil fuel licenses and permits“, as quoted by a spokesperson telegram.

Media stunt

Just Stop Oil is not in its prime. In early July, Two campaigners cling to an 1821 canvas by John Constable at the National Gallery in London.. In one week, these environmentalists carried out at least five shock operations in cultural institutions in England and Scotland.

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Earlier this summer, activists also disrupted the Formula 1 Grand Prix at Silverstone. Dressed in orange T-shirts, they sat in the middle of the circuit before being escorted out by security guards and local police. “If this annoyance shocks you more than the world is on fire, you need to reevaluate your priorities.“, Just Stop Oil commented on Twitter.

Acts of “non-cooperation” on public highways have multiplied in recent months to raise awareness of the climate issue. Apart from service stations, major arteries such as the motorway around London or the Paris ring road have already been targeted, or even museums. Enthusiasts stuck their hands into the frames or, in many European cities, at the base of statues.

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