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Ready — Tuesday, September 26 at noon — Remote work: “I support giving freedom of choice.”

Ready — Tuesday, September 26 at noon — Remote work: “I support giving freedom of choice.”

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“Long before the pandemic, we always left the option of working remotely part-time or as needed,” says Guillaume Genest, Partner and Managing Director of Solutions Consortech. (Image: 123RF)

In the weekly fall series For or Against Television Action, Business It presents best practices from both camps, in order to rally their employees to their positions and make the organization thrive. If you read the negatives, it will be the following week. Follow the discussion!

from: Guillaume Genest, Partner, General Manager

a company: Consortium solutions

section: Professional services

From 11 to 49 employees

What formula was adopted?

Remote work only

Tell us where your employees usually work

from home

Was this the formula applied before February 2020?

no. Long before the pandemic, we were always left with the option of working remotely part-time or as needed. In November 2019, we invested in new offices adapted to current tastes, and once the pandemic hit, remote working continued. Employees no longer want to return to their offices, despite various attempts, except for one day every 3-4 weeks. Given the low-use rental costs and employees’ desire not to return to the office, we decided to waive the lease.

What factors, policies, and provisions make this formula right for your business?

  • An openness to remote work that dates back to before the pandemic.
  • Technological infrastructure conducive to remote work.
  • Nature of work performed, i.e. consulting services performed with clients across North America and 100% virtual. Conducting a 3-hour virtual work session while in the office or at home changes nothing for the employee.

Will the organization of work change in the coming months?

Yes. We still strive to improve the enjoyment of work, collaboration and exchanges between colleagues in a 100% virtual context.

What is your position regarding remote work, face-to-face work, and hybrid work?

I am against forcing employees to return to work in person. I am in favor of giving freedom of choice. I also realize that some work contexts make it possible to keep employees working remotely at all times. So I support having an open letter in which the employer expresses their expectations and goals and employees find the solution that works best for them.

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