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Unifor extends negotiations with Ford for 24 hours

Unifor extends negotiations with Ford for 24 hours

The union “Unifor” extends its negotiations with “Ford” for 24 hours after receiving a “large” offer from the employer minutes before the deadline set by the union organization.

Unifor made the announcement on X (formerly Twitter), shortly after 1 a.m. Monday to Tuesday night. The union said negotiations would continue through the night and members should remain prepared to strike.

At around 7:30pm on Monday, National Union President Lana Payne said the union had not yet received a suitable offer on pensions and salaries, two issues Keys.

Lana Payne indicated that Ford would strike the totalIf it happens. Thus, all Ford employees across the country will go on strike. 98% of them are in Ontario. This is not the desired scenario, but it is very possibleThe president said.

The last strike by Ford union workers in Ontario was in 1990, according to Unifor national president Lana Payne.

Photo: Radio-Canada/Patrick Morell

The union chose to negotiate with Ford first. He also represents employees of automobile giants, General Motors And Stellantis. The collective agreements of these two manufacturers, which were initially scheduled to expire this evening, have been extended.

Workers have shown time and again that they are willing to fight and strike if necessary to meet their demandsLana Payne, national president of Unifor, insisted.

At the Ford plant in Windsor on Monday afternoon, opinions appeared divided.

Tashlin Chase, crew chief and engine engineer for thirty years, was hoping for an agreement. I hope we can avoid a strike as much as possible, but if no agreement is reached we are prepared to do so.

She explained that union members want a solid contract that meets all their demands.

His colleague Ivan Barco was not convinced that the strike could be avoided.

“We need a good contract now, so we will see what our union leaders decide,” he said. No one can predict what the situation will be like, we will see after midnight.

In the United States, the strike has been continuing since Friday and affects nearly 13,000 workers from the three major American manufacturing companies. This labor struggle on American soil now threatens to impact workers in the same sector north of the border.

According to the National Union, pensions, salaries and uncertainties associated with the transition to electric cars are among the priorities of the negotiations.

Unifor members in the automotive sector are looking for employment contracts

  • 5,680 Ford workers: 3,400 in Oakville, 1,900 in Windsor
  • 5,790 GM workers: 3,100 in Oshawa, 1,100 in St. Catharines
  • 8,230 workers at Stellantis: 4,500 in Windsor, 3,200 in Brampton
  • 19,690 Unifor union members across the country

If the conflict spills over into Canadian factories, there could be economic repercussions on several levels. Suspension of activities in particular could disrupt the auto parts supply chain and ultimately increase vehicle costs.

With information from Gabriel Nikondana