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The "Metropolis" series will be filmed in Australia

The “Metropolis” series will be filmed in Australia

According to the US site Collider, it has been announced that the shooting of the “Metropolis” series will take place in Melbourne, Australia, where the product will have the same technology used for “The Montorion”.

The director and showrunner of this ambitious adaptation of Fritz Long’s 1926 masterpiece, Sam Esmail (Mr. Robo), will have on-site access to movie collections with giant hoop-shaped LED screens. Real time, refers to the site Collider.

Leaders of the industrial powers and the business world will need technology to portray this story, which presents a dystopian future of living in isolated large skyscrapers, while the rest of the population is being pushed underground. The city that provides energy to their working city.

No other details regarding the production of Metropolis have been released by the NBCUniversal team responsible for the development of this series. Shooting has not started yet. No further release date has been announced.

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