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United Kingdom: The end of the state refinery for Harry and Megan?

This amazing Dead-a-Dead, 95-year-old post-Harry between Harry and Megan and Elizabeth II, underscores his determination to play the role of peacemaker within the Windsor clan in anticipation of his jubilee celebrations in early June. Hard phone.

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LIs the royal purge for Harry and Megan over? The question is on the front page of a British newspaper after a meeting between Elizabeth II and her grandson at Windsor Castle on April 14 with his wife. This amazing Dead-a-Dead, in anticipation of its Platinum Jubilee celebrations in early June, underscores the determination of the 95-year-old sovereign to play a role of peacemaker within the Windsor clan.

The late Princess Margaret will say of the crises that have rocked the royal family, “There are no deep differences in our family. Occasional minor fights. Apparently, Elizabeth II acknowledged her sister’s reaction.

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