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The excellent idea of ​​Martin St. Louis (or Eric Engels)

The excellent idea of ​​Martin St. Louis (or Eric Engels)

An excellent football club manager once told me that all the good teams that failed to string together wins had a problem finishing the game. In short, what if I path The team I considered good, I had to regularly work on finishing it during my training.

Basically, the goal of soccer, hockey, basketball, soccer, baseball, and other team sports is to score more goals/points than the opponent. That’s what you are Judge As a team or trainerfinally.

You may have 1,001 chances to score, but you have to make the most of them in the end.

Well, Martin St. Louis had an excellent idea to work on the finish this morning in Broussard. Unless it was Eric Engels’ question that convinced him…

Martin St. Louis has never been afraid to go off the beaten track in his training – especially since his arrival in Montreal – and He called Adam Nicholas this morning To present a practice where the theme of finishing was clear.

FirstlyThis type of training allows players to correct some deficiencies in their shots…

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And secondguys like Juraj Slafkovsky remind themselves that they are very good shooters/scorers and that small dose of extra confidence can make a difference in future matches. Slavkovski will likely dare to use his shot more in the team’s upcoming meetings.

The Canadian goalies (all three) have been doing this job since the start of the season. They all have an efficiency percentage over .900 in 2023-24. Kent Hughes even went so far as to say that his goaltenders were collectively among the best (best group) in the entire NHL currently.

Their defenders could be better, we agree on that, but the big problem for CH at the moment is that we are not scoring enough goals.

1. No team in the Atlantic Division has scored fewer goals than CH in 2023-24 (45).

2. Only ten teams in the entire league have found the back of the net fewer times than the Habs.

3. Cole Caufield has just one goal at 5-on-5 this season, although he is hitting a lot of shots.

4. Only one striker has found the back of the net at 5v5 in the last four matches: Brendan Gallagher. This morning, it was the attackers in particular who worked to end the attacks…

Defenders have scored at least 10 goals this season for the Canadian.

5. Josh Anderson has plenty of scoring opportunities, but he still hasn’t scored a single goal in 16 games this season. If there’s one person for whom the ending could change everything, it’s Anderson. Relying on luck and changing sticks has its limits.

Rafael Harvey-Benard (who was absent this morning), Michael Pezzetta and Christian Dvorak could improve their efficiency near the net as well.

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6. Today’s big statistic: The Canadian team is the tenth team with the highest number of shots on net since the beginning of the season (479), but He has the eighth-worst efficiency percentage in the entire NHL (25th). If the team had been better at finishing attacks, the club would have been in a better position in the standings…

7. The Canadian has not scored more than 3 goals since October 28. So there were 8 matches to score only one, two or three goals. This makes your plan for victory a little more complicated…

At best, Adam Nicholas and Martin St. Louis put their fingers on the real things that need to be corrected this morning, e.g MSL I did that with Caufield about a year ago…

But at worst, it will only boost the confidence of some of his attackers Just There, that Will report back.

smart decisions, Eric Martin!

Will it pay off tomorrow against the powerful Golden Knights? wow Bad Thursday against the Bruins (in Boston)? It definitely won’t cause any harm! At worst, he will help the team get four points in San Jose and Anaheim next week.

a lot of

– She’s big monetary!

– Michael McNiven (who now plays for our colleague Mitch Geiger) is still capable of achieving great successes Memorizes.

– It’s still a highly talked about topic (with good reason) 24 hours later.

– 5 to 7 million for the Kings’ visit to Quebec: Jerome Landry wants to see the glass half full.

Renault Rafael Lavoie is returning to the NHL.