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In six months, the presidential election results will shake the world

In six months, the presidential election results will shake the world

The outcome of what Americans consider the most intense presidential election in recent history will be known in six months. It's one of the more difficult elections to understand because polls offer a vague view of a disillusioned electorate.

In six months, we will know the outcome of the presidential election. Who will win, the sullen Donald Trump and his mountains of lawsuits or Joe Biden, the outgoing president who has been criticized especially for his age and his mistakes? Hard to say. In the United States, the election is considered one of the worst in the country's recent history, and it is understood to be one of the most complicated because polls are ambiguous and voters are disillusioned.

The two candidates are neck and neck

A recent poll conducted for the ABC channel puts the two candidates neck and neck. When looking at voting motivations, Donald Trump mostly wins on issues that are considered priorities by the majority of voters, the economy, security and immigration.

Joe Biden is gaining traction thanks to his stance on abortion, but he's losing ground with the groups that secured his last election: blacks, Hispanics and especially young people. Which is not alien Anti-Israel protests are currently rocking campuses.

Donald Trump has refused to say whether he will respect the voters' decision if he loses

The Republican candidate's biggest weakness is his personality. To the question: Which candidate is honest and trustworthy? 21%, 37% for Donald Trump Joe Biden. But the majority don't have that either. Whatever the outcome of this election, the big question is its aftermath. In an interview Time magazine, declined to say whether he would respect the voters' verdict if Donald Trump loses. He replied, “Yes if the process is honest, if not, it depends” and he did not rule out violent reactions.