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Kent Hughes and Jeff Gorton have hired another recruit they know well

Kent Hughes and Jeff Gorton have hired another recruit they know well

We are now in the off-season in the NHL where everything is a bit quieter. Several Free Agents have signed a contract for 2022-23 (only Nazim Qadri remains among the top players not yet signed) and many coaches are taking well-deserved leave.

However, organizations are still in the process of completing the 2022-23 hockey team. And at CH, we are no exception, in addition to the appointment of Stephane Rubedas as assistant coaches last week, Arpon Basu and Marc-Antoine Godin (the athlete) reported that Billy Ryan and Albie O’Connell had been hired as scouts by Habs and would deal with amateur scouts in the United States.

What’s interesting, in my opinion, is above all hiring Billy Ryan. Ryan, formerly the Panthers, is the lead architect for Project Panthers for 2020, the year they drafted Anton Lundell and Emil Heineman (now in Montreal) in the first two rounds of the auction.

However, according to Basu and Gooden, Ryan put a lot of pressure on the Panthers in 2016 to try to force them to apply for enlistment to choose Charlie McAvoy. In the end, it won’t work, but when you look at what McAvoy became in the NHL, you’ll notice that he was right.

Like every recruit in the world, Ryan doesn’t hit the 1000. On the other hand, many people who knew him talk about him as a hockey boss who isn’t afraid to suggest somewhat aggressive ideas, and he’s more often right than wrong.

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And again, hiring Ryan (just like Albie O’Connell to a lesser degree) shows that Kent Hughes and Jeff Gorton aren’t afraid to indulge their close guards to surround themselves well.

Ryan is a well-established man in the Boston area, and in the same vein, he is close to Hughes and Gorton, but also to Nick Bobroff. O’Connell is the former coach of Boston University. Obviously, the pipeline between CH and Boston is indeed real.

I’m one of those people who doesn’t see this as a bad thing. After all, if Hughes and Gorton believe that surrounding themselves with top hockey minds is the best way forward, they can have it, too.

Having said that, speaking of the hockey faces they know, I’m starting to wonder if all of this is closing the door to Daniel Doré’s possible arrival in Montreal.

Doré has been linked to CH for several months due to his trust bond with Jeff Gorton. He’s been a buddy for years and there’s clearly a very strong bond of trust between the two men.

Some have even spoken of the question of “when” rather than “if” of the League’s eventual arrival in Montreal.

However, Basu and Juden noted in their text that with recent hiring, CH’s amateur recruiting staff for 2022-23 will be full-time in terms of full-time positions. Stéphane Leroux also revealed that two recruiters at QMJHL CH have just signed contract extensions.

However, Dore worked in the amateur recruitment department in the past. He can take on a part-time role in the CH department, but can also transition to professional recruitment into a full-time position.

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In short, we’ll see if he ends up joining CH eventually, but in any case, the Amateur Recruitment Division appears to have a stable file in Al-Kindi. In this period of reconstruction, perhaps the most important section at the present time…

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