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Gallagher angry with the referees: “Terrible decision”

Gallagher angry with the referees: “Terrible decision”

Brendan Gallagher did not have a specific history with Pierre Lambert, not the hero in the series “Lance and Count”, but rather the referee number 37.

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“I probably have a history with every referee in the NHL, whether it’s a good game or a bad game, I’m not a favorite,” Gallagher said.

The little number 11 did nothing to increase his love rating with Lambert. In the third half, he received a penalty kick for obstructing Elias Lindholm near Samuel Montembault’s net.

Lambert, finding himself at center ice, raised his arm skyward to award the penalty kick.

Unhappy with this decision, Gallagher shouted at the referee and then threw the water bottle into the penalty area. He was red with anger. The anger that remained most evident in the locker room after the meeting.

“This is unacceptable, this cannot happen,” the right winger whispered. Referee in the neutral zone. It’s a terrible decision. You can’t make this kind of mistake. Simply. His partner (Jake Brink) was next to the game and didn’t call anything. He took drastic action because he saw the reaction of the Flames players on the bench. This can’t happen at this level and he knows it. You can’t make a mistake like that at such an important moment in the meeting. »

There was 3:12 remaining in the third period when Gallagher found himself in the penalty box. But Andrew Mangiapane followed him into the penalty area 81 seconds later. Thus, CH ended the match with a score of six to four, withdrawing Montembault in the final seconds of the match.

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From frustration

After the final siren sounded, Gallagher expressed his frustration with defender Nikita Zadorov. Even though the Flames’ No. 16 is 6’6″ and 248 pounds, the combative winger was ready to battle with him.

“I don’t care about the weight difference,” Gallagher replied. might happen. He hit me and we just lost the game. There was frustration. The size didn’t bother me. I’ve lived with this reality forever (younger). »

Hockey change

Josh Anderson hit the crossbar in the second period and denied Jacob Markstrom late in the third period. With 68 seconds left, Anderson hit a good shot, but Markstrom pulled out his big glove to block it.

Photo by Agence France-Presse

“I have a chance, but maybe I should change one thing,” Anderson admitted. Maybe I’ll change hockey. This is one of the difficult periods in my career. I want to stay positive, but it’s getting frustrating. »

He continued: “I had the opportunity to push this match into overtime.” I have to find a way to beat the goalkeepers. I have never had this problem in my professional life. »

After 16 games this season, Anderson has yet to score a goal. He only has two assists.