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NFL: Bills crush the Rams 31-10 and send their message to the title holders

NFL: Bills crush the Rams 31-10 and send their message to the title holders

Rams Bills Summary

Englewood, California. Josh Allen had 297 passing yards including three touchdowns on Thursday as the Buffalo Bills opened the NFL season with a convincing 31-10 win over the Los Angeles Rams.

Von Miller had two of the Seven Bills sacks against the Defenders of the Super Bowl champions.

“We’ll celebrate appropriately but then we’ll be right back to work,” Miller said.

Contenders for the crown, Billings started the 103rd season of the NFL by overcoming four turnovers.

“We have a lot to learn, but we want to be honored for the kind of efficiency we showed in the second half,” Allen said.

Gabe Davis, Isaiah Mackenzie and Stefon Diggs have all earned touchdown passes for the Bells, the division champions of the past two seasons.

Allen completed 26 of 31 passes and two interceptions. He added 56 yards for a lunge, including a four-yard break for touchdowns in the last quarter. The result made Bills’ new offensive coordinator, Ken Dorsey, look good. Bills 9 went to 10 in third.

“It’s a winning recipe,” Allen said.

Matthew Stafford had 240 yards, including the landing lane. However, he has been the victim of three objections.

In six seasons under Shawn McVeigh, it was the first time the Rams lost their first game of the season.

Invoices show why it is preferred

“It’s the kind of game where you look in the mirror and say you have to do better,” McVeigh said. We weren’t ready and I take the blame. There were many cases in which I did not maximize our chances of success. »

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Diggs topped the scoring with a 53-yard catch to land, with 9:25 to go.

The Most Valuable Player in the Super Bowl in February, Cooper Kupp delivered 128 yards on 13 catches.

The Rams were closed for a full half (second), for the first time since November 2019. Buffalo only allowed 177 yards before their last opposition climb, which had no real effect.

Aaron Donald of the Rams was sacked in his 99th first inning career.

Stafford became the 12th quarterback in NFL history with at least 50,000 yards.

The Bills will only play again on Mondays against Tennessee, in Buffalo. The rams will host the hawks the day before.

Gabriel Davis scored his first touchdown of the season

Really great cooper cup!

Mackenzie makes up for himself by landing

Will he refuse to fall and extend his arms?

And a boooooombe for Diggs…a hit!