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The desperation of migrants evicted from Mayotte

The desperation of migrants evicted from Mayotte

It took less than twenty-four hours to clear the Taluz 2 slum in Mayotte. Operation Wumbusu (Recovery”) started last week on Monday [22 mai] In this overseas territory located between Madagascar and Mozambique. A dozen excavators and police trucks carried out the work. By Tuesday, May 23, most of the neighborhood’s 162 temporary homes had been demolished, leaving thousands homeless.

Earlier, the police had already started using explosives and arrested youths believed to be gang members. Officials reportedly intend to deport 10,000 to 20,000 undocumented immigrants (Mayotte has a population of 310,000, an estimated half of whom are foreigners), and exterminate another 10,000. Banks40% of the island’s population lives in slums, or miserable shacks.

The migrants will be sent to Comoros, the archipelago’s three islands from which many undocumented migrants originate.

For them, it is an extreme “Searching for Undocumented Immigrants” It has been going on for decades. Oceane, 37, has two young children and has lived in Mayotte since leaving the Comorian island of Anjouan in 2015. She has no legal status and her landlord asked her to leave because of the surgery. She left behind a violent situation in her home country, but now she plans to return. “I’m not going to wait to be arrested. She comments. I have failed and my documents are not available.

Significant police presence

Many people cross the 70-kilometer arm of sea between the islands to access the French health system, which is absent in the Comoros. But while Mayotte benefits from resources due to being a European region, it is penalized by the exodus of medical personnel who want to work in France.

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Osian says his ordeal didn’t start with Wambushu. “Wherever I went, I had to hide because the police or the Mahorais would come and reprimand you.”, she explains. Police presence is crucial in Mayotte, where repression of migrants is often carried out without regard to legality, whether it is identity checks based on profiling or police raids on residents’ homes. So, actually

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